Wealthy definition

WEALTHY DEFINITION…Love or fear…don’t let fear take away from yr heart like a thief in the night stolen taken from you that is rightfully your’s. Slowly new clients are coming to the salon. Paying good prices and appreciating the quality of work l can give. Wealthy you don’t have to be to look good. l see this time and time again in people. Wealthy definition. I managed to lease out the top floor to reduce
the overheads. Little did l know that l just opened situation that l never dreamed off. After a few weeks the new tennants up stairs settled in.Wealthy definition. They are running massage clinic. Well so it seems. l was getting feed back that there were pink flashing lights in the windows till late at night. Well you guessed it!

Wealthy definition

People do different things in the night.Some go home to families.

Some just club and party while others await the light.,Driving down a river of neon.

Lights glowing like phosphorus in dark. A whole new world of nocturnal beings moving through the night.

Midnight cowboys searching for that high.A wealthy definition by their blight.

There is more than massage going on up there in the night. Yes now l am being accused of running a a house of ill repute.

Everyone thinks l am a pimp! Wealthy by definition is not how this supposed to happen.A dodgy business in the night is my definition.

The only money l make out of women is their hair. Ground control. We have a problem!

What am l supposed to do now? I had these nightmare vision of being on TV running an illegal business. Worse still crossing some bike’s turf!

This is not even my business! This is not my definition of becoming wealthy. New clients were still coming and this situation turned into a joke.

A serious one at that. No TV crews or any angry bikes yet…phew!!

Times are going to improve..They have to. I’m not going to let anyone steal my dreams. My mind is racing ,this is a situation not a major problem l tell myself.My definition is be positive.

My enthusiasm and passion for my work seems to be attracting new clients.

Wealthy definition

There are many days where self doubt sets in. Am l delusional? Am l good enough? Will l be able to turn this business around? The bikes and TV crew.

Where are they? My mind and imagination playing, just racing in doubt. My heart sometimes gives the world it’s saddest sound,beating silently..heavy!

How can l overcome this definition of fear and self doubt. This is the time you pray. Look for that space inside. A wealthy definition…(God)

Find the answers in you subconscious..the genius within. A definition of faith.

Be wealthy within! Wealthy definition… Look at at the stories your mind is telling you. When l stop myself and process this logically. Most of my fears are out of proportion.

l’m still looking out for someone to walk in and accuse me of running an illegal business. As that dodgy massage clinic is still operating on the premises upstairs.

My wealthy definition!

It is blind faith by definition. On a wing and a prayer and total belief.

l Just push on with this business.. Feeling good..Feeling bad. Do it anyway!

Finding my own definition of being wealthy. Is pursuing this business till it is profitable DEFINITION OF WEALTHY IS STAYING ALIVE.


l just recal a story that happened when l was last married. A cofrontation l had with a this local down the street about his reckless driving in the neighbourhood.I followed this guy home because
of his dangerous driving.

As l was reversing out of my drive way.This guy nearly took me out. I had my Porsche then.

l followed him home and l am parked out the front of his house. I was angry and looking like a wanker with my car! (Not wealthy by definition).

This big bald massive dude steps out of his car. Tattoos,piercing all over his huge body.

l swear! He was big and scary!Well with my determination and anger l let my words fly in disgust. Waiting to get stepped on by this tattooed hulk. I told him he was a fool, driving so fast. Especially as he had children and should know better.

Well l survived this moment as a few expletives were exchanged.l reported him to police for his driving.

Which they followed up later.I survived this ordeal in one peace. Surviving this ordeal feels like being wealthy by definition, still having my life.

Couple days later l told my next door neighbour how l survived this confrontation with this massive dude.

Wealthy definition

My neighbour’s face turned red and in a panic he says quivering.

Do you know who this dude is? He is a member of this well known bike gang! ‘You are dead meat’ my neighbour quivered.

Explains why he looked so mean like he did.l just took it philosophically and thought..Whats done is done and accepted my fate.Days..Weeks..Months past and l am still here alive.I did notice this dude’s car drive past.

This time at a safe responsible speed..WEALTHY DEFINITION..Six months later l bumped into him down the local pub.

He was wearing his bike colors with his family and mates. I was with my family cooking steaks.

Beer in hand we locked eyes and just greeted each other in a civil manner and that is it! No drama. A relief feeling of being wealthy by my definition.

Moral to this story which l promise is true. Sometimes you think the worst. Your mind races to think the worst. Like my neighbour, it is all imagination.

l am still alive. And this dude probably in his sleep thought. Yeah there’s kids playing around the neighbourhood.l better slow down.

Our wealthy imagination tells us stories to keep us stuck and in fear.

WEALTHY DEFINITION Let the inevitable sort itself out..Trust in the universe or God. All will unravel for the best in time. My definition in being wealthy is my faith.

Human nature is a funny thing we all have our false faces,pretenses and charades.

May it be tattoos..flash cars.. big houses..looking tough or cool..It is all a disguise..We all want to be recognized and respected in our own way.

Deep down though we are all connected on this planet. Us humans have our own definition of being wealthy, bottom line it is our want. Called LOVE!

Wealthy definition

What is the interpretation of love? What is the interpretation of wealthy,the definition?Yes money is important..Your perception?

For me a feeling of warmth deep in my being. My definition of love.

Gratitude to be myself and touch and see good in other people thru my enthusiasm.

A wealthy definition is a productive life. This business to me by definition is a wealthy challenge. My mind is focused on the daily challenges.

I have a reason to get up. This is a project though difficult and challenging. Keeping my mind from feeling sorry for myself.

My passion for this life is to try to lead by example.

Wealthy definition

l tell my clients ‘Dare to be Georges’ beauty from within is a wealthy definition..Dare to shine!

Everyone has something good..beautiful inside. I get a lot of satisfaction making people look and feel good.Even big scary dudes.

l believe the definition of being wealthy is sharing yr wealth in heart and spirit first..WEALTHY DEFINITION…You can’t help anyone or yourself in a poverty state of consciousness.

Only in abundance you can do good. Poverty is a mental sickness,an ill state of mind.A closing down of a wealthy attitude of giving.

When l had the trappings of material goods.A wealthy arrogant attitude as well.l look back and see how self indulgent l had become.l meant well but l was self centred..In my spirit to other people l cannot say that l had a wealthy or healthy attitude.

Humility was forced upon me. l can see now my life lesson in hindsight.

Definition of wealthy has a different meaning to me now. A spiritual wealth something l think is lacking in this superficial world of social media.

When we turn within our consciousness there is a genius in us all. Just dig deep it is there,a wealthy subconscious.

A guidance system,more advanced than any high tech device out there.

Wealthy definition

Life issues sort themselves out. Sandra and l were comfortable, though the relationship was strained over this business.

I looked at Sandra one day and said we have a love for each other but we are not in love with each other. Sandra agreed in her amazement.

The course of our lives would start to move in different directions from that moment.

Definition of Wealth is being true to yourself. The dodgy massage tenants finally moved out of the premises upstairs.

l Never had any dramas. Though the rent was missed and costs again went through the roof l was glad they vacated.

My relationship with Sandra was coming to a close. l felt sad and Sandra had some tearful moments.

This ending was inevitable. I knew l could not walk away from this business. My commitment to this was just to strong WEALTHY DEFINITION l have to be true to myself.

A new chapter had begun. A new wealthy definition. Life’s chances take their direction….Little did l realize what was coming.

Life is full of wealthy opportunities. Over the next six months we leased out the top floor again to cut costs.

Wealthy definition

There were always problems of some kind with tenants. Changes were coming.

A better direction l know for that definition of wealth. I am not sure how? A year has past and l am still in business with this woman who actualy owns the business.

We came up with an agreement and l am this troubleshooter manager.

My relationship with Sandra was still close..We still visited each other with benefits that were hard to let go of.

A wealthy definition is how we handled this arrangement with respect worked well for both of us.

It was the best of both worlds. l had the freedom to do as l please.

Then l would stay over at her new place. For now it worked.

Wealthy definition

Business was tough. Building new websites and always dealing with different personalities, even though l could see results.

Changes had to be made. l am not sure how this business will unfold?

DEFINITION OF WEALTHY..l had to find somewhere to live. I found some share accommodation with some friends.

This was only tempory for me.

There is talk with my business partner that she will not renew the lease. l would be crazy to undertake this business as it has two floors and a massive liability Not my definition of being wealthy.

Something has to give.A breakthrough in this business.I just keep faith and push on. My definition of wealth to me is prayer.

l can turn to God knowing it will turn out. Praying is turning to a higher power.

Doesn’t matter your definition of God.Just use the natural power in this universe to guide you.

It is the highest definition of wealth..limitless!

Definition of wealthy can be a human adventure in relationships. My profession definetly provides this on all levels with people.

Wealthy definition

One rainy day in January. l had this lady come in for her hair. Like many women that come to the salon
and go.

This lady appeared no different. Though in time she would prove to shake my soul to the core.

To this day l wonder why she came. I seem to be tested continually.

Was it my deceased grandmother sending out these situations to test me?why me lord..why me?

As l have said many times before. People come into our lives for a reason.I truly believe.

Am l a serial fool for situations? l don’t know.You can’t help who you come in contact with or who you fall for.

Unless you live on the moon and are totally isolated. l don’t fall for just anyone.

Wealthy definition

There are lots of people that pass us by. A wealthy definition is knowledge and wisdom.

Being able to read a situation before it happens.Is a wealthy definition of life experience.Though life lessons keep coming.

So this blonde women walks in the shop. Its pooring rain and she is in a raincoat,saturated and not glamerous looking at all.

She is shopping around for a price for her hair color.

Wealthy definition…

The salon is busy and l am not in the mood to discount. Cheap work is not my definition of becoming wealthy. I give her a quote and she leaves ,back in the pouring rain.

Definition of wealthy to me is sticking to yr guns and not discounting my work.

Definition of wealthy is to me people appreciating and paying for quality of work I produce and coming back.A wealthy definition.

Well a couple hours later this blonde lady  reappears without an appointment and agrees to my price for a color. l turn her away again as l am busy.

Definition of wealthy is being persistent. She comes back again. Out of the pouring rain saturated. I think why would you bother getting yr hair done in torrential rain anyway? This women doesn’t give up.

Definition of being wealthy is being patient…I can’t get rid of her.

So she waits a long while till l am able to fit her in. This woman is from France and we will call her Monique for privacy reasons.(I always respect privacy)that’s my wealthy definition called respect and integrity.

Monique and l for the next couple hours chattered. As she dried out of the rain there appeared an attractive women, Aqua blue piercing eyes,amazing white smile and that accent..Wealthy healthy smiles that could launch a thousand ships the saying goes.

By definition. A remarkably beautiful women. When her hair was freshly colored in a fresh blonde and dried.

Monique just glowed.her blue eyes and a healthy wealthy smile. Stunning by definition. Monique paid and away she went. Soggy gumboots,raincoat and back in the pouring rain. Bye bye to a soaking,soggy French blonde in gumboots!

DEFINITION OF WEALTHY……..to be continued