Wealthy and wise

You can’t fly like an eagle if you hang around turkeys!!The saying goes..I am wary of people that call them selves experts.Wealthy and wise l feel comes from knowledge of life experience, giving a wealthy background of real life scenarios to look back on. Wisdom is the benefit of hindsight. How many times have we been fooled by sales gimmicks. Or people that claim are experts. Even now at my stage l have fallen for the odd gimmick. My salon continually has people trying to sell me products l don’t need. Many sales people have become wealthy selling ‘Hope’ the promise of financial freedom or everlasting youth. Some do make it wealthy at the expense of many. WEALTHY AND WISE…

Wealthy and wise

My business is a down to earth operation. l found that not up selling is appreciated.

Wise decision, as my clients come back for the services l provide.

Not selling a take away product in a bottle promising everlasting youth and happiness.

Most people are to wise to fall for that these days.
Wisdom comes from your gut instincts not your mind l believe.
A wealthy intellect is important but you can convince yourself into anything with the right dialogue in your mind.
lf your instincts that are emotionally wise and it doesn’t feel right, walk away!
If it feels good in your gut go for it l say! WEALTHY AND WISE.
Right now we have to decide about this business as it is to big to continue with two floors and current tenants.
Need to be wise about this as my instincts feel something has to change.
That soggy French blonde that has her hair done then walks straight into the rain,comes past the shop to say hello. Not so soggy now as the weather has become fine and sunny.

Wealthy and wise

My instincts about people and knowledge of body language tells me she is interested and rather lonely.
Wealthy she may be in her looks..Lets see in time about the heart and mind, most important.
Wise people never go for the looks first, so that makes me dumb! “Yeah” l admit that l fall for that smile.
That makes me cautious of my choices,as I am aware of my weakness with beautiful women. A wealthy attitude..”mmm” l think?
WEALTHY AND WISE…l am reluctant to use the term about wealthy for money as there are many wealthy financial experts and books on this topic.
Being wise in life is being street smart.Wise people have a cautious level of optimism.
Usually you can tell if a person is true to their beliefs and convictions by their ‘passion’A wealth of emotion that is in their breath.WEALTHY AND WISE.. Back to my hair salon business and that blonde.
Word is out that the salon is to large an uneconomical even with tenants upstairs.l have no answers just a wealthy conviction that a solution will come. And it does!

Wealthy and wise

In a blink of an eye a call comes from the managing agent.
A wise proposal.The two floors are to be sealed off and divided in two businesses. l am in shock.What a break!
Be wise l say and agree to it. Wealthy by definition is to cut yr overheads by more than half and focus on what l am good at..hair!
Wise decision. l always knew inside my gut that something positive would happen to make this salon work.
Now the agent is going to do the renovation at the landlords cost. Think about this.
Thousands of dollars ripping a stair case out..then redoing floors and it is not costing us a cent.
Wealthy and wise decisions come in good time. l need to talk about belief..Faith in a good outcome.
Wealthy is believing within yourself in this moment..the only moment you have is the belief in your heart..your gut..your soul..your mind that creates your thoughts.
l believe in in time all obstacles can be over come.I just hand it over to the senior partner..God!…Some call it luck..I call it faith!

This is the beginning of restructuring this business.

Within the month work starts.A massive construction project goes ahead to seal off the two floors..This process was laborious and messy.

Wealthy and wise

Stair case had to be cut out new floors and light fittings to be installed. This cost thousands and all paid for by the landlord.

After a month of work the two floors a separate and leased out to another tenant. I now have a profitable salon business running on its own merits.

A wise move..Wise in many ways..Wealthy move as it reduces costs..Wise because l don’t have to deal with tenants.Wise for the long and well being of our venture to turn this business around..Ah! That’s just the beginning.

WEALTHY AND WISE..l need some wise and wealthy mentors in business.

It would be a mistake to run this on my own,thinking I know it all. A wealthy knowledge of this industry is paramount as you can have the wrong people giving advice,inflating yr ego not a wise direction.

WEALTHY AND WISE..As time would prove we all need good mentors. People come by and try to give advice on how to run a business. Wise is to listen..Wise is being selective to whom l listen to.

There are many of ‘False Profits’ as it says in the Bible, that appear to be experts.

Luckily there are a few good people l listen to. Wise is listening to highly successful people with a track record.

l wish l could name them as they deserve the highest praise and respect.

Maybe later on l just may be able to do this.

Wise is in your gut..It has a wealthy instinct and knowledge deep in yr being.I do try to listen to it.

Wealthy and wise

Months pass and we have a business that is running now without the ongoing dramas.

There are always challenges ahead. l am optimistic for the future. At this stage in my life l look back in my life.

From being affluent, a portfolio of property.

Fancy cars,big house etc.To being homeless,broke and a suicidal alcoholic. To meeting a kind man who lent me his beautiful apartment.

Meeting Sandra,my partner at the time, the stability that she gave. Stumbling onto this business..Having the landlord pay to separate the two floors at no cost to us.

Come on? Is this all a coincidence or what? I am now around 55.

l am supposed to think of retiring. “No Way”  My story ain’t over yet! Lots more challenges. I still have an alcohol problem and piling on weight!! Yes l have more wisdom more of a wealthy knowledge about life.I have come to the hard truth that I am an alcoholic.Some times behaving like a turkey.

I still drink to much..Not wise. What have l learned so far?

Wealthy and wise

Believe believe within. Imagination is powerful, it is where you create every detail in your wealthy life.In time I will beat this alcoholic life style.I don’t like my self for this,or the friends I make there.Saying goes..’Addictions are never getting enough of what you don’t want ‘

l am wealthy in wisdom, in my faith. Stay calm and Know!! Never Never Ever give up!

l am wealthy in my faith. Even in my dark moments and there are many! Where l doubt my self and future at 55. WEALTHY AND WISE

There is always God within that pulls me through. l am grateful for opportunities to overcome the hard times. It has given me wisdom and strength.

Made me the person l am today.

Wealthy l am in my belief that it is never to late to turn negative experiences back. T/o success to a positive vibrant loving life.Faith,Love,Great fullness..Opportunities are there.Just believe.

Wise is the man that has faith in his convictions. Wise is the man that doesn’t try to predict the process in attaining his goals as that is the opposite of faith.

Who really knows the steps need to be taken.WEALTHY AND WISE.

Only God/Universal Subconscious Mind within, knows if you dare seek and ask. How would l predict the estate agent would call me that day and renovate the property.Contributing to a profitable business.

Wise is the man that holds vision. Wealthy in trust. Wealthy in faith. Wealthy in abundance.

Well lets just get up in the morning. l Make a strong coffee go back to bed sip it slowly.Praying..Visualizing at the same time..Allowing the caffeine to take effect.

Visualizing my dreams. l ask for guidance and never try to predict the process.

That’s not my business, l leave that part to God. As l wake and am more alert.

Caffeine in my system, my day starts.There can be a nuclear war outside. l don’t care till l have my coffee!

Get up make my bed properly..It is a good discipline.

Wealthy and wise

Just get on with it! Let God,your higher self pave the way. Just go to yr work in good spirit, show up.Just wait for the next chapter to unfold. It will come as the day unravels ,that is the only responsibility l or we have,is to guard our thoughts.

Think only good. Hold your vision. Regardless of your reality!  Wise….My biggest challenge is not to fall for doubt.. WEALTHY AND WISE.

Fear is what holds us back and destroys our quality of the moment.

Wealthy mind equals wealthy life. WEALTHY AND WISE..l have been having regular coffees with Monique the French blonde.

She is lonely and l must say extremely beautiful.

This is not wise l know l can’t help it..l’m human. Here we go again l say to my self.

Being wise is taking this slowly.

WEALTHY AND WISE..Sandra is still in the distant picture though l know we are not going anywhere in a relationship.

Wealthy in love? Maybe..Wise l am? Not so sure.

Not so sure.l have my doubts about myself sometimes. My faith keeps me wealthy in my confidence,l always bounce back somehow. I find people interesting ,their backgrounds and belief systems that make them who they are.

Wealthy and wise

We are all connected somehow. All part of the one wealthy universal intelligence. I find myself working the salon as a manager.

Sandra and l have now stayed friends but stopped seeing each other. l am drinking way to much and partying a lot.Not good!

My health is suffering l am becoming overweight. My immune system and liver are suffering.

l am making money now to keep my life above the homeless stage

WEALTHY AND WISE..This French lady Monique is keen. l am trying to be wise by taking this slow.

I feel sometimes that if l am not careful l could end up homeless again.

WEALTHY AND WISE..Friends that l respect are mentoring me with this business. l take their ideas on board because they have a success record.

Most have come from humble beginnings.Now successful. That is credibility for me. WEALTHY AND WISE.

A lesson learn’t is that it’s harder to turn an existing business around into a successful one.As you have to overcome past negative history and perception.

It is easier and wise to start new and fresh l believe. Wealthy beginnings with new  concept and energy.

My committment to this business is solid.

Wealthy and wise

Though having to deal with different personalities is the biggest challenge.

My business partner whom l got out of trouble earlier is the hardest to deal with as she has a good heart.However not wise in business,starting with solid monetary wealth to almost losing the business.

Not wise but big dreams with no plan..That equals to disaster!                                                        WEALTHY AND WISE               WEALTHY AND WISE

Being Wise in business comes from years of experience.

Wealthy l was.Yes affluent. had it all. Then l lost it….Now l have regained my self and on the road back.I need to keep this momentum going and not blow it.Keep good mentors close by..I need to do. something about my drinking..WEALTHY AND WISE.

Somehow being more wise. l will get there, l feel it in my being…Wealth is internal state.l feel lucky in my life.I am guided by my senior partner..God.

Though l was homeless. Now l am not..Wise yes..I keep attracting opportunities.

Wealthy and wise

The business is growing. My business partner seems to appreciate the turnaround.

Yes there have been people giving me a hard time in business.Mostly I attract good caring clients and associates in my business life.

That just trains me to be resilient and spreading love and good will at the same time.WEALTHY AND WISE.

The important and wise people, the key people that are wise and wealthy,successful,good in spirit are there to help me make this business work,they are my mentors.Focus on the good and more will come,The negative will just disappear..

l am grateful to them on my journey.WEALTHY AND WISE.

These days l am reluctant to give people advice though it sounds like a contradiction as l am doing this now in this blog.In real life l say little unless asked. WEALTHY AND WISE..

People l meet all have a story and some have a huge struggle. I hear their stories in my salon chair.From health.politics.Family issues.Everything life has to offer. I am sure I have heard it.WEALTHY AND WISE

It soon becomes apparent the belief systems people have have.Are being shaped by either the media.Or the internet. though a great  invention and evolution in our time.Seems to have a negative result..Disinformation or a false sense of what is real in life..I have many clients that find it hard to have a conversation,small talk,eye contact,the soft skills we need to communicate to each other is a massive problem.I see this on a daily basis..Our gadgets are keeping us isolated..Sadly in my opinion we have created electronic Zombies!..I find myself in this situation as well…Though careful to turn off my gadgets and talk to people.I promised my self never to join a dating site..To me it is a human catalogue of loneliness..With the odd exception,leading nowhere. WEALTHY AND WISE

Some of the social media content I see is a group of people agreeing with each other.To scared to differ in opinion for the fear of ridicule.Just wanting to be accepted by people they probably will never meet in person. I call this ‘Political Correctness’.Chatting on the internet over a prolonged period.To me is of a  ‘Hive Mentality’ This continual buzz on a blue light electronic screen that has a sub hypnotic effect.Just isolates people.

People are lonely, they tell me so regularly.

Wealthy and wise

We become isolated thinking we are ‘connected’ by being in touch with hundreds,probably thousands of people most we will never meet.

Connected to what?                                                                                                                                      In my life experience just stop and talk to your people around you.Spend a fraction of yr moment to ‘truly connect’ You don’t have to over compensate and scare people off. I have made an art of it in my salon with a bit of practice..People will respond back positively.You could be talking to your future husband or wife..We are human after all.

WEALTHY AND WISE…The amount of lonely women looking for partners on dating sites is hugeWith the odd exception. I mainly hear disappointment or even worse disasters.Most recently one of my clients had to change her home address and go into hiding.She met this nutter on a dating site.They moved in together,only to find out he had a bad history.True!

With exceptions l understand. Most end up disillusioned and bitter.cynical and yes lonely. But they will insist that they are ‘connected’.In this context,,Dumb word in my opinion!                                   WEALTHY AND WISE

More like being ‘isolated’ in my observation.A ‘hive mentality’.. l describe it. Like millions of bees..Buzzing going nowhere..Definitely not making honey!.

Just going around in circles going buzz! There is a better way to make honey, very sweet honey!    BE WEALTHY AND WISE.. Peace..Love and goodwill…………….to be continued