Wealth meaning

Wealth meaning..Back on the road to recovery.I want to be there where thoughts turn into things. I have decided to move from that homeless state of mind. Search for the meaning of my purpose in this life? Meaning of wealth?Have you ever got to a point where you just have had enough struggling. Wealth creation the true meaning. Not what some financial expert means as well..As if they know. The Australian Royal Commission is being held as l write this blog. Amusing to watch experts who supposed to look after their clients financial well being.Were they looked after? Have you ever felt that you are on the trailing edge in life? All that drag and turbulence behind you..Have you ever wondered why some people make life easy ,have all the good things effortlessly. Meaning of wealth just come natural in life for some ,while others work hard many hours and never seem to accomplish much.

wealth meaning

Have you noticed people that struggle are tired,have low energy. Why is this?

In our western world seemingly full of opportunity.

I am not going to give advice on financial wealth.

There a lots of books on wealth creation.

l don’t feel qualified to do this as l have personaly experienced financial disaster.Though I am recovering.There are still more chapters in my life to experience first.

In my experience..the word luck is just a word. l have attracted wealth and cool friends. Have been lonely and homeless as well.

The two extremes. l can see both angles and depending what side yr on.

These two extremes are very real and a valid. Love,health,money,opportunity..friends..all in our reach.For some so far away..let me explain in my own way.

Life is a mirror..what you put out comes back.

l don’t have all the answers..l can surely see a pattern in my life, there are the clues and answers. l can surely see a pattern in my life that is surely no different to anyone else.

Let me explain. It is called ‘Momentum’. When things as are just coming yr way. Notice how yr energy levels increase and now you feel like your on the leading edge just blasting thru life cutting thru the air like

a razor sharp sword.You are flying, lifting you ever high..like nothing can stop you.

Then for some reason that momentum is lost and you are dragging behind ,nothing is happening for you.Your energy is low and life is hard and slow, how come?
You are in a season that will pass in time for the better.

You would have to agree that we are a vibrating an energy. That energy we put out resonates out to the environment.

wealth meaning

Depending on what you are projecting.The energy you resonate out is what picks up that frequency and responds back to you..Having that momentum back requires lots of energy and sometimes time.

Took me years to come out of being homeless and moving towards wealth..We are all connected to
the same intelligence..What stops one person from wealth..health..love..is the same energy that creates the opposite.Abundance.A positive vibrant life for some.The frequency we are sending out..like a tuner on a radio set.Is what comes back.

We emit different channels as we change frequency and energy. Walk into a positive room with positive people and you feel uplifted instantly.

The opposite applies as well.We all seek to be wealthy. The meaning of this? Not only money..Love ,health and good friends, relationships.The freedom to choose in yr life.Free will that shapes yr reality.

Having a wealth of choices. Meaning of wealth is so diverse.Your health is your wealth. Meaning of wealth we think it is material.

 Years ago l was driving around in my Porsche with a kidney infection.

Do you think l cared then that l was driving a nice car? Not at all !

Meaning of wealth meant nothing. I just wanted to feel well again .Meaning of wealth for me now is having peace of mind.

Wealth meaning

l will continue my personal story from being homeless.. To having a home.. A lovely partner(Sandra)To seeing my sons regularly.

Feeling the love.A wealth of meaning for me there. Sandra and l settled into a rhythm in life. Went about our daily business.

We developed a love for each other.As time would prove we were ‘not in love’. All running smooth though.

We had friends over for barbecues that ended mostly in some boozy dancing routine well into the night. l liked the people we were hanging out with.

At times l didn’t understand why our friends just can’t go home after a Sunday barbecue and have to stay on, get loud and drunk and irritate the neighbors.

Deep down l just wanted my own business.

Trying to move towards recreating wealth. The meaning of this to me became overwhelming. Patience is a virtue that l have.

wealth meaning

One day Sandra pulled out a tiny add in the local paper advertising space to rent in a hairsalon.

l didn’t rush to answer it. After a week l had this urgent gut instinct to make the the call regarding this space available.

God or something just pushed me towards this opportunity.

As it turned out the owner was losing money. Living in another city and had no idea how to run a business. The meaning of wealth creation was turning into a nightmare for this person.

That’s where l step in! The staff that were employed were unprofessional. The decor was outdated. This business was badly run.You could name it Dodgy Brothers Inc.This business was a nightmare!

The owner lived hundreds of miles away and had no idea how to run a business.This place was two floors

Massive overheads.This business is eating more money than a dog in a butcher shop.

Definitely a way to lose wealth and yr home. Within a day l was in this business. Let’s see if l can turn this around,get some meaning back to a profitable business.A meaning of some kind of wealth.

wealth meaning

Trouble shooting can make you unpopular with the dysfunctional personalities in any business when tough decisions must be made.

Cheap operations attract cheap patronage. The staff were sent on a permanent vacation! Prices were increased and the quality of the work and service improved dramatically.Pointing the business in the right direction.

Not so soon though! Takes time to turn a reputation around and l still had the top floor to lease out to cut the costs.

Meaning of character building for me was a test. Meaning of tenacity,taking criticism and sticking to my guns of good quality work and good prices..is a challenge.

Can’t create wealth if you are charging peanuts..you will only attract monkeys..the saying goes!


I am reluctant to talk about the meaning of wealth only in monetary terms.

Meaning of wealth for me is more. Doing work that you love.

wealth meaning

Meeting nice people and making them happy. It is true that hairdressers hear personal stories.

Many times l have helped and touched peoples hearts and minds. Thats a meaning of wealth..spreading the love and goodwill while they sit in my chair.

Satisfaction of meaning of wealth is turning a bad business into a good profitable and happy one.

Yes a happy one ,good profitable and happy one. Yes a happy one.I repeat this time and time again!

Staff need to feel happy to come to work.It reflects thru the culture.A win win…has to be always..Win Win is about everyones needs being met.

Meaning of wealth is a win win for all concerned. There are clients that have become friends and my mentors to this day,That to me is a creation of wealth.

wealth meaning

There have been some amazing beautiful women that l have been fortunate to date.I am humbly grateful for my day to day experiences.To this day I have never had to go to some dating site..To all you guys out there.Cut the crap. just be respectful and a gentleman..

A wealth of love is out there.

Meaning of wealth is the feeling that l have never worked a day in my life. Yes you have bad days and there a days l didn’t want to get out of bed.

l still show up! Wealth creation to me is the freedom to choose.To make it happen.

This business is not mine and l found myself in a peculiar situation where l was some kind of consultant or manager.This all manifested in a couple of days.

This owner put her trust in me. l felt an obligation to the trust invested in me! I also had a place to do my clients. I threw my self into this business heart and soul to turn it around

There are times l didn’t think we would make it. Wealth creation seemed far away at times.

A challenge that l can’t walk away or give up. That is when my relationship with Sandra started to faulter.

wealth meaning

Everything on this planet has a purpose. There is a reason people come into our lives.A season for things to happen,in this fast changing world.Wealth Creation is not just about achieving yr goal.

It is about every moment,yr journey. It is about who you become in the process,the legacy you leave for others.

Hopefully a good one. Making this a better world. Thats the meaning of wealth creation for all.

I am writing this blog as it comes to mind.It is not pre planned .As i write this l look back at my life and realize that my or your emotional state develops a pattern.

For me it has been governed by hope then fear. anxiety..then l get tired of these negative emotions then move towards faith..hope a determination to improve my life.

Then action seems to follow.Feel good.feel bad..Do it anyway!

What is the meaning of wealth? To experience life as you are, full range of emotions and accept that is who you are. Feel the full range of our consciousness and accept that is who we are and not suppress our being with any mind altering substance.

You are only what your mind body and soul perceives and experiences in this moment. Not what happens to you externally.

Wealth and it’s meaning is not about money only. l know lots of people with money but they are sad depressed.

wealth meaning

Money is important l aknowledge, like oxygen you need it to survive and you can serve the community,do great things with it.

Money represents freedom. Hopefully helping other less fortunate people while you a living an abundant life. Meaning of wealth is to me freedom and the power to leave an abundant legacy.

I found that turning this business around took my whole time. We had to redecorate the salon. Hire new people.

Meaning of change.A new perception meant to let go of existing people around. And attracting new clients.And staff.

Meaning of wealth to me was not doing cheap work. It took time.Slowly that would happen I found out that human nature sometimes is not what l thought.

Sandra didn’t appreciate the time and energy this business took.In her mind l was doing this for someone else.

Meaning of success is putting all you have.Meaning of wealth is laying the foundations.

This really tested our relationship that was going now for over two years. Meaning of love is being tested very much. Meaning of wealth..Do I compromise my ambition for this relationship?

A balance in my life tested very much now. Meaning of love and wealth,my ambition to succeed. Where do I go from here?

wealth meani

I woke up early one morning.Sandra asleep.Her long brown hair twirled amongst white linen.

Soft skin half uncovered.Art in motion!

I could smell the fresh coffee on a timer , hot and ready. I quietly sip,feeling my body wake up.Coffee in bed next to a beautiful woman.I call that a moment in time..frozen in my memory.A meaning of wealth.

Soft light of the day penetrating the thin laced glass. I had this realization a revelation!

All the people l have loved..Some friends that are long gone. My two Ex wives..Previous partners..My two sons whom I love so much..The odd stranger that leaves a marked impression.My love that just is..Expanding continually!

My love for these souls are players in a story on stage in life.We all have a story to tell.

The golden stream of light dancing on Sandra’s skin while sleeping,This fresh coffee in my hand l realize how lucky I am.Along with many other souls experiencing the same at this moment with their loved ones.My  two sons in the other room sprawled out asleep.Growing up fast ..My love just expanding in this moment in time..Gratitude is what I feel.

wealth meaning

That is the true meaning of wealth..Gratitude!

Yes money is important to put a roof over your head .If you love what you do that will come easy.

I got out of bed coffee in hand and walked out on the balcony. Birds were breaking the morning day silence with their chirping.

Sandra still murmuring in a sleepy doze.l look up ,the sun heating up in the summer sky high up towards the north. I could feel the warmth radiating on my face (that feeling of the meaning of wealth)That memory when l was homeless and suicidal.

wealth meaning

 Being homeless.How far away that seems.The suns rays felt like God placing his hand on me. Giving me strength and hope. That feeling again overwhelms me. A feeling of love and Gratitude!

Meaning of wealth to me is about God,faith and spirituality.Knowing we all are guided by something higher than we are.Thus the meaning of wealth.

Love can never be measured….It just grows and grows..Endless!…Expanding in the universe!!

to be continued…