ways to help yourself to rise from being homeless in the winter

Ways to help the homeless in winter..I want to tell this story to help inspire people. Being homeless in winter can visit anyone. There are ways to change. Help the ones that are homeless. People who have lost their ways and want to give up. l have kept this story authentic as possible. Some of it when revisited painful for me…l am a hairdresser. l love my work as it is a creative art form. The people l have met and life friends with some of my clients who stuck by me in my worst moments are gold. My life to them must look like a reality soap opera where the actor never dies! I thank them from my heart. l enjoy the buzz of owning and running my business. Living life on my own terms .Being my own boss. Even when business gets tough and l have bitten off more than l can chew sometimes! l wouldn’t change a thing.

ways to help yourself to rise from being homeless in the winter

Using the business to build a property portfolio was a passion of mine. The thrill of investing l enjoyed to watch it grow. Only to lose it!
I know I can do it again. With help and Gods will ,you can climb back out of the winter.
People give up to soon because they are to proud to ask for help.
We are connected and together we can build a business, a city, a dream! A road to help the homeless, anything! We don’t have to be alone in winter.
When I was young child I had dreams of travel. It happened.
My first trip was to train my craft in London at 19yrs of age. I didn’t pay for that trip. Many more trips followed thru my work. Dreams do happen with faith.
l have travelled around the world and did my training with some of the worlds best names. Had the fortune to meet amazing people and cultures.
Being in my trade  some of the experiences in and out of my salon could be made into a movie.There have always been amazing beautiful women in my life. And some fantastic memories. Being a gentleman l can’t go into those details.
l truly feel l haven’t worked a day in my life. There are no plans to retire. l have a lot more ways to be creative and work left in me. The dignity of work! To continue the challenges.
Do you know the darkest and the coldest hour is just before the dawn.The future to me is full of faith and promise.The ways are to unfold. We all have a story.This is mine.
We don’t have to be lonely in winter

When you hit rock bottom and homeless in winter. The cold and loneliness, despair set in. The soul inside you either gives up or you realize that the only other way is back up as you have nothing to lose.

What differentiates the two l think is the god awareness in you. I chose no longer to be the homeless in winter and seek ways. I needed to ask for help. l couch surfed with some mates at their home but that wasn’t the best thing. A lot of alcohol was present.

The same old ways. To escape from being homeless in winter l looked for other ways. Avoiding alcoholics, this was an internal battle avoiding other people that drank. Even if it meant being homeless. Many times l chose to find ways to be on my own in a park even in winter.

ways to help yourself to rise from being homeless in the winter

One day l had no money and was having a breakdown of thinking about being homeless in winter. No help no food and only a bag on wheels with no ideas, nowhere to sleep. l just wanted to die! l broke down in tears.

With no ideas. l ate my pride and confided to this man whom l became friends with in a bar not all that long ago. He had no ideas of my desperate situation, he sensed l needed help.In this cold winter..

Well!  You wouldn’t believe it he has an apartment that he stays in partly only when he is in Sydney on business. This kind gentleman lent me his apartment when he was away on business trips. Ask and you will receive it says in the bible. Suddenly! l am no longer homeless in winter.This man l hardly knew just gave me the keys and the address in the pub. Just like that! Help and ways does come when you ask.

This man I found out long after was a Christian. His compassion helped me from being homeless in winter. Help and ways does come in the eleventh hour. When you least expect it, just like that!

I looked for subtle ways to change. l need to be the one to ask for help to find my humility. Change in yourself can be gradual. Yes l was drinking heavily but something inside was looking for ways to change.I rebuke the feeling of being homeless in winter. to ask for ways of help, so l can help myself.

I found ways to occupy my self, cook a nice meal, listen to good music and read self help books.A real home from winter.

This is a beautiful luxury apartment. Concierge. Air conditioned, had a pool, spa. It was up high, there were one hundred eighty degree views of the city. Here l am in a clean bed looking down onto the city where l was homeless in winter. In a blink of an eye yr life can change for the good. Help is there..believe!

Though the apartment was messy, it was home. l spent the weekend to clean this apartment up. I had two weeks here, that was a big help from being homeless in winter. Gave me help and time to think. The help l needed ways to stability. The time to think this thru. The next step was to cook good meals.I still drank alcohol and was still on antidepressants.

At least l could think of ways of what to do next,ways of staying out of being homeless in winter..Ways to get my life back. l still had long ways to go.

l got into a pattern where l could make a bit of money that would help pay my ways by doing some clients in the apartment during the two weeks. I found ways not to be homeless in winter as I would check in a really cheap motel for a couple weeks till I had access to the apartment again.

I found ways not to be homeless winter

When my friend was back in his apartment I just hunkered down and went to a few homes to do clients. My clientele in my business was sort of flexible. l managed to get by most of times.

There was the odd night l had no where to go. I would sit and doze off in a classy hotel foyer well dressed pretending to be waiting for someone. You need to find ways to help yourself when you can’t get any help.Away from the cold winter.

Best to try to stay away from mates that are alcoholics. Though I am one myself. Fancy hotel foyers I wouldn’t recommend to make a habit of it. Best ways to help is get a job or some kind of work to help yourself.

I see able people beg for money on the street and I think to myself it would be easier to do a few hours paid work a day to help yourself from being homeless in winter. Some I do acknowledge can’t do this to help themselves. I do get the feeling many can with some help.

Again I ask where is the dignity of work? Help people help themselves raises ones self esteem.

I bluffed my ways with security in foyers and l was still partially homeless in winter. Time to work out how to get out of this. As I was earning some money I found cheap rooms to rent, that would help.From homeless in winter.

When l was back in this lavish apartment life felt good. l had a plan to save up a bond and get my own place. A long ways from owning a property portfolio and a beautiful five bedroom home. I must say! My life was full of extremes one minute in a beautiful place then homeless in winter.

The pattern was obvious. Taking responsibility for this. l was creating good luck. Then bad luck. l need to find ways of positive attitude and look for ways.Out of that cold winter

The opportunity or miracles do come when you put yourself out there, they present themselves in strange and unexpected ways. Example the kind friend whom l only knew for a short time was prepared to help.

ways to help yourself to rise from being homeless in the winter

After the 2 weeks in the apartment my friend came back and was so impressed with the cleanliness. There are ways l could see my clients there to help out with my income. l can use the apartment whenever he was away on business. That just happen to be 2 weeks in the month.

What help that is! I am now only partly homeless in winter. l found ways, ways to have a home. Was it luck? Was it a sheer coincidence I received this help? I think not. You attract what you put out.

Being grateful for my sanity, faith, that good will come. Humility to ask for help. Yes ask for help and guidance and it will come. People will genuinely help if they see that you want to help your self first.

It is sheer belief that l would find ways to work it out. l seized an opportunity. l made sure that apartment would look like a five star hotel. l even left good home cooked food to help him.

As much as this man helped me l decided l was going to be the best thing that happened to him as well. l decided to try to help him with diet etc….Opportunities or miracles? Call it what you may.

We are the best of friends today. God moves in mysterious ways. Help yourself by asking! Find yr humility, some how help will come.

God knows l’m worth it! Life is a mirror! What you put out comes back. So l might as well have learnt to welcome faith above fear.

To find ways. To no longer be the homeless in winter. My struggle is not over yet. l know with Gods help l will keep on rising. l don’t know how I overcome being homeless in winter. Or to have my home again? The ways are there l know!. Intuition is a direct line to God.

How to help the homeless in winter

l believe from my experience of being homeless . The best ways to help the homeless is to try to build their self esteem. Help them help themselves.

l do respect that many homeless in winter have mental and emotional problems, physical problems, those unfortunate and sick should be looked after and cared for by us and our society. If you have managed to come back from being homeless, functioning and productive l’m sure this has an effect on your life.

l know l struggle to walk past a homeless person in winter without wanting to do something. l vowed to always buy food for someone. If they needed to eat at least.

Helping the homeless in winter starts with compassion then trying to fill their needs. Food, hygiene, shelter, love but most of all encouragement to get back in main stream of life, thats if they desire.

To fill their potential. Some of the homeless need help to help themselves. There are talented bright people out there that just need encouragement, help and a break.To escape being homeless in winter.

With love behind this anything is possible. Even for some of the homeless in winter. I suppose some just give up thinking no way l can do this again.

lf you find their motivated need and ignite their desire that they forgot they had, thats a start. Mine was getting back to business.

Having a home and a loving relationship. Every time l saw a nice car was enough to get my heart going. Out of being homeless in winter. There are ways, ways to ignite that desire to re invent your self.

Ways to come back. Ways to give hope. Ways to see again the future.

We all have a motivated purpose that ignites us. To help us rise above our limitations.

Like Al Pacino in the movie the Scent of a Woman. A blind man who drove a Ferrari danced with beautiful women lived life to the fullest.

His heart could see instead of his eyes! He didn’t accept no for an answer!

Not all homeless people will grasp this. But if just some persons may get it and recover from being homeless in winter, how magnificent is this?

To help someone over come their limitations, like in that movie.

I never want to be the one social worker to project this hopelessness on any homeless soul.That may be the person that needs that break from homelessness in winter  will grasp it, given the chance.

How easy it is for us well meaning people to project this feeling of helplessness on some homeless down and out soul by wanting to help. Its a fine line l understand.

If you had the means and you came across someone homeless in winter who lost their business still had potential would you may be try to find ways to help them learn from that experience? Then help them start again? How victorious would that be? The satisfaction you would get out of it helping a homeless be successful again.

To rise above being homeless in winter.

They are there amongst the homeless in winter.

To be continued               Karlos