In my experience,there are ways to help the homeless. My ideas.

There are ways to help the homeless ideas. Imagine not seeing yr children and homeless. When l was 50 l lost everything. l am 61 better than ever! l lost the property portfolio ,the Porsche,my marriage and children the lot! Even my parents and my much loved grandmother passed away in a five year period. l became a suicidle and an overweight alcoholic on antidepressants, homeless sleeping under a bridge. Now l am 61 and have a business. l look around my beautiful apartment, see my past experience as gift, it makes you stronger and grateful! How did this happen? How did l manage to lose it all? Then come back when everyone wrote me off? I know why! The same power to lose is the same power to create. There is a God power in us all. We just have to find it in ourselves. Use it wisely. Usually when this happens at 50 its late. Never to late! There are ways!

The ways to help the homeless ideas

I had the inspiration while in Japan at a meeting in Tokyo this January to tell my story to help others rebuild their lives. There are ways to  help homeless.,

Give ideas to young minds, to inspire them.

Ideas to lead a life of full potential, Ideas how to avoid pitfalls we can make .Realize that we are humans and make mistakes.Ideas to survive.

Ways to help, to forgive and have compassion. Our hearts and minds are all connected here on earth. Thanks to my dedicated and loving partner lchiko and her friend Mastuzaki with their help have made this blog possible.

Homeless ideas

People do come into our lives for a reason that give us support and ideas. If yr life turns from diamonds to rust it can come, back to gold…just believe.

Ways to help the homeless ideas

This is my story. Ways to change,to help the homeless in winter.

Beginning of the end…….Ways and Ideas

One thing for sure you get in life what you think about. l came from a poor family. Though l was hungry to succeed. To  find ways and ideas for happiness.

ways to help the homeless ideas

I was fortunate to meet highly successful people early in my life that gave me the inspiration the skills and ways to move forward towards my dreams.

I had big ideas. l learnt the power of focus and visualization, most of all power of prayer.

I never thought one day I would be homeless, no ideas!

Earlier in my 20s l acquired prime property in Sydney, had a business, married to a beautiful partner and a healthy son by 30.Never homeless in my mind.

ways to help the homeless ideas

l defied all odds and had the dream life.Then after a period things went down hill. Drug issues with my partner and naivety on my part on how to sustain a marriage.I had no ideas about marriage.

I don’t regret get married at all. As a life lesson l could of been a better husband. l married my wife then within 3 months and l would do it again! It was a life calling. Then came a divorce. l lost most of it by 38.

Again l climbed my way back to a property portofoilo. A new marriage,one more son and by 50 lost the lot and this time homeless.

Find ways to help the homeless

You think and hope l have learnt my lesson. Well l believe l have.Guard yr thoughts, be careful of negativity.

Like thieves in the night yr dreams and aspirations will be taken from you..This is the law of the universe.The God like power in us all.

Yr thoughts and your words influence yr feelings and a chain reaction happens where yr subconscious is impressed to lead you to yr dominate beliefs creating your reality.Some people call it goodluck or sadly badluck for some.

ways to help the homeless ideas

Thats how one becomes homeless in winter. It’s the same energy used by the unwell and poor, the affluent and healthy.We are all part of a rhythm in life and go through our daily actions almost in a hypnotic trance.

No ideas!No ideas!

Remember to stop look around you and ask..HOW and WHY am l here? Do this regularly. Who are the people around me?Realize that they are there for a reason.

Some good ideas.some negative ideas. A life lesson of ways and beliefs.

We exchange ideas. To help each other move thru that season in life. We can find ways to help. How can l play my role..Have ways to help the homeless in ideas. Some are temporary some are life partners.

ways to help the homeless ideas

My two marriages l see as a life lesson, a period of growth. My two wives l still see as life partners. The mothers of my children.

Even though it is still difficult at times, we are there to mirror each other,learn and forgive continually. They are one of many people that come into our lives to help, teach a valuable lesson.

Our children are our greatest teachers,see their ways listen to their ideas.

Even if we can’t see it at the time.We are like actors on a stage on this planet moving thru a script in time fulfilling our roles. Except this is no dress rehearsal.

ways to help the homeless ideas

We buy into belief systems that can take you to heights or the lows. l know where l would rather be, so choose yr friends wisely. Everyone has different ideas and ways.

ways to help the homeless ideas

l know in my second marriage was full of turmoil. l had to travel long distances every day to my business. l turned to Alcohol for relief. I made some bad financial decisions that stretched me to the limit. l went on antidepressants that just took any focus out of my life.

Ways and no ideas were setting me up to be homeless.

In a strong loving marriage with help, we could of manoeuvered, found ways out of this financial mess.

l just didn’t have the will power and suicidle thoughts were there. l never did illegal drugs but the alcohol and antidepressants just made me sleepwalk thru life…Taking responsibility is the first step to turning yr life around.

ways to help the homeless ideas

After years of drinking and medication l looked in the mirror and didn’t like the person l became.

My ways and ideas towards alcohol and legal drugs were setting me up to become homeless. I should of asked for help.

All l could see my stomach looking like l swallowed a watermelon from alcohol, my arms withering away like shriveled bacon from lack of exercise. Help! I was heading towards being homeless.No ideas!

ways to help the homeless ideas

The company l kept were men in my situation close to being homeless with no ideas. Meeting up in pubs and clubs drinking, smoking and gambling full of bravado big talk and lonely.

Yeah what happened to those people who to had lost their dreams? I became one of them.

We all gave up in life to become prisoners of our own egos.

Yes! our own egos, all we can think about is our misfortune with no ideas, and to proud to ask for help. Yeah in denial, self created and close to being homeless in winter, we drown the sorrows.

Homeless in winter

Like a defeated football team our heads to the ground and tail between our legs. All we have to do is look up and start appreciating the basics in life.

When in denial it’s easy to get stuck in your ways, you have ideas your life is fine but slowly all you are experiencing is a pass towards being homeless with out ideas.

The sun on my face felt like God placing his hand on me and giving help, hope and awareness. Just breathing fresh air and freedom gave me hope and positive ideas.

Do you have ideas to help?

Realizing l allowed to drop my personal standards to a new low. Somehow deep inside l knew l could reclaim the person l once was. I still have dreams and ideas of being back in business. I have no ideas no help just belief.

Trying to be the best version of myself. With blind faith l decided to move slowly towards help. I started going to Alcholics Anonymous. I shared and heard personal accounts of how lives slowly decayed.

I had to do something look for ways to help myself out of alcohol addiction. There are ways to help the homeless in winter.

There are ways to help the homeless ideas

Forget your situation for a short period. Show gratitude for yr life. Then help,do something good or kind for someone. When you do something good or help  someone.

You will feel that little better. Giving to another no matter how small a gesture starts to build a new energy and self esteem. From there you can build yr life. By paying yr goodwill forward.

ln time look back and see those small steps of helping others, you make a difference. In cold nights you to will help the homeless in Winter

MAY DAY! ENGINES ARE OUT…no ideas, help!

If l don’t crash. If I’m lucky it will be a hard landing! Homeless in winter at the best! In order for yr life to improve. You must work on yourself and improve, strive to be the best version of yr self..and all else will follow..

It sounds so easy and in a strange way it is..But we forget. Every days challenges and temptations lead us off the path..This world is not static.

Homeless ideas

It’s changing fast. We are on a planet spinning hurtling thru space and time,  were on it for the ride. Just look how far we have come. The industrial revolution in the beginning of the19th century.

Now look at the digitial age the massive changes in our culture look around the corner, as a result Artificial lntelligence will render more jobs obselete, freeing up more time.

Here is the catch, any ideas? What do you do when you have more time? Ideas? More time less work and boredom.

Ideas are running out so l will go to the pub or club. Not a good idea! What happened to the dignity of work ?

Do you have ideas to help the homeless?

Day after day do you play golf go to the beach? Not all do this. Some people run out of ideas and need help to use their free time constructively.

Look at all the vices that help to ruin your life, booze, gambling, recreational, drugs, bad food, legal drugs, all these images coming at you thru some form of media that target yr subconscious. Weakness ,we all have our ways.

One step closer to being homeless in winter

After all were all human and take this in at some level. l know l have been amongst the ideas. When all my properties were sold of and my second marriage ended. I was so relieved, the weight off my shoulders.

l moved into my business and slept on the floor on a thin foam mattress. l went out every night and boozed all day till late for over twelve months. Loved most of it, the booze, the women like a kid at 50 ..Party Time!….No Ideas!

Slowly the engines cut out at at high altitude. My life started to spiral out of control. l found my focus started to wain. Plummeting to a hard crash. I started to drink in the morning. Heading towards homeless in winter with no ideas!

Homeless ideas

l didn’t care if my bills weren’t paid on time..Being self employed l could take time out during the day and go to the pub with no ideas. The combination of antidepressants with alcohol slowed my world down. No help, no ways to change, I didn’t care.No ideas!

The company l kept wasn’t the best, yes we are all alcoholics on it together. Looking back some of those people now are either dead or in jail. Seriously! The few lucky ones have health problems. Close to being homeless.

Do you have ideas to help the homeless?

Deep inside l felt l was buying time and would work this out. Eventually l lost my business. l remember that day well. l got a serious cold that turned into a nasty chest infection that day. As a result of little sleep and partying for over a year.Drinking every night till early morning. a bad diet and no help, homeless, no ideas what to do.

l was mentally and physically spent. With no financial help l planned to walk out that business l had for 25yrs.

Ideas, ways to help homeless

At 5am I vacated my dream business so no one l knew would see me. Catch a train far away and find a cheap hotel to recover from this chest infection, l was vomiting blood, no help. All l had in possession was one bag on wheels and no ideas..l still drank,I had a little money to fall back on. l found a cheap hotel, slept ate and of course drank.

During the next 3 weeks,feeling homeless, there were times when l contemplated suicide. l was vomiting blood my chest rattled like a bunch of loose screws in the tin can.

Alcohol, antidepressants and medication for my chest infection was affecting mental health, no ideas, bad ways and homeless.Where now?

Ways and ideas. Want to drive my car?

My brain with no ideas felt like screws were loose in their as well. Weird ideas and hallucinations set in. How l got thru this is beyond me as l was seriously sick and suicidal.

Well..I was finally homeless with no ideas.It only took me 50yrs of dumb ideas to achieve this.Well done!

hallucinations..mental illness..Baby do you wan’t to drive my car?

Now where is my Porsche? thinking weird ideas I parked it somewhere…Seriously! I walked around a car park late one night in the middle of winter wearing only my underpants looking for a none existing car. Homeless in winter without my Porsche.No ideas again.Bad ways,homeless and no clothes!

Need ways, ideas to help the homeless.

My body needed help. The mind started to play tricks, ideas of self harm…Help was none.

Overweight..broke..lonely..mentally sick..and suicidal…some how l felt the presence of God. The sun on my face reminded me of the good in life and memories of great times .

Driving in the country in my Porsche with my elder son. Trip to Europe with my ex-wife. The birth of my sons. My wedding day and so on kept positive ideas.

l would remember positive feelings and ideas. l wasn’t ready to give up yet. With no ideas and no help sleeping in the park  and being homeless was still to come, as things are yet to get worse.

Ways to help the homeless ideas

After about a month the money was running out, my health improved slightly. help!

Need to find ways,ways,.ways.Need creative ideas.ideas,ideas..Survival mode kicks in..Can’t be homeless.Tired of being homeless

l needed to think of something fast, ways to earn an income. l still had loyal clients and l could reappear and start again. l rang up a mate and rented some space and basically found ways to run a small business.I swung it for a while. With the money l made on the day would get me thru that night from being homeless,.Desperation finds ways!

The days without money l slept in a park. Just like the homeless you see in winter. l found a bench high above the grass hoping to clear myself from visitors rats!They still came. I slept under a bridge,yes homeless no ways out of this. Those tubes kids play in parks shield you from wind and rain help.When you are homeless you will find ways to stay warm.

Ideas,ways,homeless, how do we help?

Though I was homeless I always made sure to have clean clothes at the cleaners. l would go to the local pool for a swim and find ways to shower to clean up.No one would know I was homeless.

l was always well dressed and groomed if l needed to. So l would pick a five star hotel in town and just sit in the foyer and sort of doze off.Homeless and warm,looking successful..There are ways!

When security would come l sort of would bluff my way and flash my expensive watch l still managed to keep from the good days and put on this superior face and say lm waiting for friend, a car.or an early flight.

l always got away with it and from the cold outside. From the other homeless in winter.

From time to time loneliness would set in .l remember l would see this party up on a balcony in a nice apartment with beautiful well dressed men and women. l just wanted to be part of it, to remind me of the good things in life.To forget I was homeless.

How do you help the homeless..? Find ways! ideas!

l rang the door bell of the apartment and pretended to be a guest. So they let me in.

There was a guy with a guest list ticking off the names. So l went up to him fancy watch and well dressed and groomed, with this superior concerned look pretending l had lost my wife, l convinced guy with the guest list to put her name on the list.

Then l went to another person and said why is her name there and not mine?

Help homeless ways and ideas

The guy looked at me and didn’t question and presto my name is on the list. I’m now a guest at the party.l mingled with these people just to remind me how life was and how it could be. To lift my spirits.To forget I was homeless, ideas with belief does help.

l only drank the ice water, as much as l wanted a drink of alcohol l had different ideas.

lnstead l approached a beautiful blonde woman with amazing eyes, she spoke with this Northern European accent. This stunning lady reminded me of my first wife. With presence and this penetrating look.

We talked for about half an hour. Her aqua blue eyes glued to mine. She had no idea l was homeless in winter. My self belief rose in me, my confidence soared.

l didn’t want to take any food or drink as I didn’t have right to. Being in that company was an elixir any way. It made me feel good, lifted my self esteem.

l stayed for a short time talked to more interesting people then left while l was ahead. l needed that boost. l did things like that often. Being homeless no help and no ideas I still found ways to lift my spirit.

Ways to help the homeless ideas

I had to boost my soul with positive idea, ways of impressing my subconscious with positive ideas. Or l would give up on life.

To lift my spirit I would make sure I was well dressed.

I would walk in a Porsche show room, test drive a car, smell the leather, hear that engine come to life, touch the sports steering wheel between my fingers.

There is magic when yr thoughts meld with yr heart and senses. Positive emotions help arise positive feelings that surrounds you in yr senses of well being of prosperity.There are ways,ways to motivate yourself.Ways to get yr life back.Ways to show the people that gave up on you, that they underestimate your tenacity.Tell me I can’t,I will find ways!

Doing this is a catapult towards a promise of a better life. To quote…We live in the hope of the future which never happens. lt’s this moment that l have, may it be a happy one, or unhappy.

Ideas for homeless

l have the ways and power of this moment to help me to change. To BELIEVE!! for the better.

l know l can enrich my life by doing simple gestures that stimulates the feeling of good. Ways to help with the ideas and well being.

l can be homeless in winter..but still find ways to feel like a king!.

Ways to help the homeless ideas

I realized one of the ways to stop feeling sorry for myself, was to try to  help other people, somehow this gave me a sense of worth.

I felt a sense of gratitude after doing stuff like giving someone help and my time if they were lost. If l had a few spare dollars l would give it to someone that is homeless in winter..funny that eh?.

In a strange way helping others makes me forget about how badly done l may feel. Empowering me in the moment finding ways move forward.

This kind of life went on for a year or so, swinging it as l could. When l had work and ways to pay. I would eat good food or I would stay in a cheap hotel. When I had no money I would be homeless winter sleeping where l could.Finding ways to stay warm.

homeless ideas

My mental health was suffering and l just had this feeling l somehow would work it out. At this stage l didn’t know how to help my younger son. I had no ways and ideas of giving him with the guidance a man should give his son, to help him with school..ways to behave I was not good role model.

It hurt big time! He was told that his dad was spent, no help for him he is an alcoholic and to be prepared for the worst. My older son moved to another state, l don’t think he realized how low l had become.

I just kept on believing. Even when life seemed hopeless and no help. Deep inside l knew there are ways I would work it out.Self belief and prayer that there are ways,ways to a home again.

One day l had no money l needed help looking for ways to eat so l went to a place for homeless men. l saw a man passed out in a lane in the hot sun..he was homeless. He stunk and was bloated, other drunks were walking over him. l went inside this kitchen for help and food and sat in a row to be fed.

l hadn’t had a shower in a couple days. I was looking deshellved. A client of mine was doing voluntary work saw me there..This was the most humiliating time of my life..

Ways to help the homeless ideas

This kind lady whom I known for years looked shocked. I look like a really need help. She made eye contact but stayed to the other side of this kitchen.

She could see l felt embarrassed. It was an act of kindness on her part to not ask. This was my lowest point in my life.

l wanted to just die. That man lying in the lane just outside no help half dead..and no one caring scared me. He had a life dreams a family once just like me. How did he get to this? Was I next?

Ways to help the homeless ideas

This man being homeless half dead no ways of turning his life no future ideas? Just waiting to die!

Homeless no ideas, no help lonely, no one caring. This happens in a big town. Ways can be cruel to once good people who just had bad luck.

Was l next? How many times do we walk past a homeless person. Women as well who have no help and are vulnerable (pray for ways to help the homeless.)

I prayed for guidance ways to change, ways to come back, ways to change, ways my son to respect me again, ways to regain my health. Where there is faith there are ways that will lead you back to who you should be.

Please God help help help lead me to the path out of this. I know there are ways .No longer do l want to be homeless in winter. Believe!

Ways to help the homeless ideas

There are ways! ways! In the dark you only need a speck of light to show you the ways. Just trust the ways.

God in you will show you the ways..Help yourself..and God will help you..ways to freedom love.and a home.

faith..the promise of tomorrow…

it’s not how you fall!! but how you rise!

To be continued..ways to help the homeless ideas