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Define believe in perseverance

Define..believe in perseverance..Perseverance is about lasting the distance..For me it is not accepting a compromise..staying firm,basically it is faith..Our mind wants to rationalize our daily experience..It is easier to compromise as it relieves tension and stress..Most athletes understand the stress factor,Allowing themselves to experience discomfort..For me it has been 3years of going to the gym on a regular basis of 3 to 4 times a week.The hardest part is walking past the pub,then the agonizing walk home.’Just want that beer’ Then changing into my gym gear and preparing my food and heading out for a workout.. Perseverance in anything worthwhile takes patience and faith..There are times when giving up would…


Define believe in luck

Define..Believe In luck.. My experience luck is one of those intangible experiences. Or is it? Why do some people just seem to struggle and others just breeze thru life..Define..Believe in luck..I have noticed some people and this includes my self seem to get breaks and make the most of it and then setbacks happen only to rise thru them sometimes against huge odds. Some repeat this cycle time and time again. Certainly  has been my experience. I truly believe your world is a reflection of the mental and emotional state you are in. A vibration we send out, like a frequency on a radio station. The different vibrations or frequencies…


Define believe in yourself

DEFINE BELIEVE and TRUST IN YOURE SELF. Trusting your intuition in yourself is stepping out into the void. Taking criticism and dissecting it to what is relevant to you and the rest that is false and discarding  the negative. When l look back l can see the best advice is your advice!. ‘Define Believe In Yourself’.Yes be careful to whom you listen to. There are many false prophets talking themselves up(Define Believe In Yourself). Trust in yourself, your own judgement that comes from within is usually correct. I have been to many sales and motivational meetings where l have heard success stories to make me feel less adequate. Then later…