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ways to help the homeless

Homeless prevention

 Homeless prevention in my experience is recognizing the early signs before it is to late. The signs are there. Mental health is the start,the beginning for the homeless l believe. The inability to cope.It starts with a bad relationship where domestic abuse is consistent. Prevention starts with friends knowing something is wrong. Some homeless people suffer financial disasters like myself and turn to alcohol. I was perfectly fine and functioning before l became an alcoholic and became homeless. Prevention for me would of been someone skillful at negotiating a way out of my financial disaster. Giving me time to work my way out of my situation. The thing that undermined…

ways to help the homeless

Homeless resources

Homeless resources. Ways for transformation. Yes we can all change or improve at least..look for ways and resources you didn’t know you had..survival skill to put it simply.When you have yr back up against the wall thats when you draw on your resources,even if it resorts to begging on the street.Being homeless is not a recommended way to live..You are looked down on and people think it will never happen to them…l hope it doesn’t.Time to consider that no one is better than the next person..We all have our challenges…some try to collect pennies to eat for the day.Some wonder how they will make the next lease payment on their…