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Power of creative and imagination

Power of creative and Imagination. Power is within you towards transformation. Never to late to reinvent yourself. Power to change your life by using your creative God vested imagination. Your imagination is the door and tool,a power for creation. From the chair we sit on to the clothes we wear. Someone somewhere imagined it first before creation of this object begun. From the pencil in your hand to the skyscraper towering up towards the heavens. Imagination is the creative tool towards a new life. We have the ability to create a new life to leave the old self behind by never revisiting our past.Only to look forward and look within…


Define believe and trust

Define Believe and Trust…Your reality of today is a result of yesterdays thoughts..Today’s thoughts are your future experience.”Define Believe and Trust” When you realize this.. of the curvature of time and delay Your thought come around back to you in future time.You will choose you’re.. thoughts carefully and wake from your sleepwalk in this life. You will have a new awareness. “Define Believe and Trust”An awakening of yourself. How you can change your future for good..The term “As You sow.So Shall You Reap” Is real..Your life today can end. Tomorrow beginning of a new future can become your next life.. A new beginning..”Define Believe and Trust”It is called freedom of…

ways to help the homeless

Wealthy and wise

You can’t fly like an eagle if you hang around turkeys!!The saying goes..I am wary of people that call them selves experts.Wealthy and wise l feel comes from knowledge of life experience, giving a wealthy background of real life scenarios to look back on. Wisdom is the benefit of hindsight. How many times have we been fooled by sales gimmicks. Or people that claim are experts. Even now at my stage l have fallen for the odd gimmick. My salon continually has people trying to sell me products l don’t need. Many sales people have become wealthy selling ‘Hope’ the promise of financial freedom or everlasting youth. Some do make…