Power of creative and imagination

Power of creative and Imagination. Power is within you towards transformation. Never to late to reinvent yourself. Power to change your life by using your creative God vested imagination. Your imagination is the door and tool,a power for creation. From the chair we sit on to the clothes we wear. Someone somewhere imagined it first before creation of this object begun. From the pencil in your hand to the skyscraper towering up towards the heavens. Imagination is the creative tool towards a new life. We have the ability to create a new life to leave the old self behind by never revisiting our past.Only to look forward and look within yourself as your creative imagination is given to you by God. Yes Christ within is your imagination. Faith is the power. The tool we use to move forward. Creation of anything is action that is motivated by a vision..A creative act of faith. The partnership we have with Christ is the architect that designed that skyscraper.

Power of creative and imagination

The engineer that had to find a way to build it.

To the workmen that got up early in the morning to actually build it.

Each person found the internal creative power to play their part.

Eventually a creation of concrete and steel to manifest a sky scraper.

One day at a time,a brick at a time..slowly but surely imagination turning into a reality.

Our lives the same.

We get up with the power of imagination to create the day we want to have in detail through prayer or meditation.

Successful people do this.

Power of creative and imagination

We use our creative imagination every moment of the day unwittingly organizing the day we will have..

Some people create good as they recognize the power of imagination..

Other people wake up anxious and depressed using their imagination in the opposite direction wondering why at the end of the day was a struggle..

Each using the creative power of imagination.

Power of yr imagination creates the quality of yr life..for positive or negative.

To change we must live the person we want to become..

Using our creative imagination..a natural power taken for granted .Think of the powerful changes we can make in our lives?

The conversations we want to have..

Attracting the right people to help us become the person we want to be..Living in the state of being we want to be in.

Just by being conscious of our thoughts.

Slowly changing our vibration to align ourselves for the good in this world..

It takes the same effort to think conscious positive thoughts as it does to be reckless and think negative  garbage.

Creative power is there to use good or bad.

Positive or negative.You Choose.

I know which way I want my life to go.

Simply by using our creative imagination.

Eventually life starts to reshuffle itself towards our imagination becoming a reality.

The beginning of creation a new person a new life.

All starts from the creative imagination.

Dare to believe in yr self..l dare you!

And observe the changes in your life that happens to be a stroke of luck..

l call it a miracle..Call it what you may!..

Like the architect and engineer or the crew on that building. A creative power that stems from someones idea.

Draw the line in the sand and leave the old behind and dare to create a new life.

New thoughts over a period of time change habits.

New connecters in the brain aligning with new cells..reprograming the cells,just like a computer.

It is called Neuroplasticity..

The ability to reprogram your brain, just like a computer program.

Training your mind, realigning itself and your vibration.

Anything is possible when we the creative power are using our imagination for a better life.

Building the skyscraper within us.

Meditation basically isolates us from the world..taking time out.

Power of creative and imagination

Taking charge of your/our thoughts..replacing details of your world the way you would like it to be.

Imagination is the creative power, a new vibration.

Resetting  brain waves reprograming  the mind to the person you want to come.

Your powerful imagination has the ability to sense new smells..new feelings in the moment.

Standing on top of the skyscraper 100 floors above the ground.

Can you feel the rush of the wind through your hair?

See the clouds so close you can almost touch them?

The cooler temperature change from the ground?

The silent distant hum of the city.

Imagination can fill those senses towards anything we desire.

Power is in our imagination.

Creation springs from imagination.

Do this long enough ,you change your emotions and become the new person.

A new powerful creation moving toward yr destiny.

A new reality as a result of new found power.

Habits change,You are a different  person in yr daily life…3 years ago l couldn’t imagine myself in a gym.

Now l am in there regularly, replacing alcohol.

Took a while to reprogram my brain..

Through persistence changes happen.

l have a different body now.

A whole new sense of power.

Imagine it possible long enough and it will happen!

Fear is the root of our negative imagination.

Every where you look or listen to the news it triggers the fear.

Imagination runs riot..creation in life is set at negative.

Now you/we are using a powerful force against us drawing closer the reality you/we don’t want.

Wouldn’t it be easier to use the powerful imagination towards something powerful and positive that you do want?

Creation springs into action and in time you are standing on yr skyscraper instead of a deep abyss of darkness wallowing in the depths of your shadows and fear, deep down in depression and anxiety.

l have learnt to look at fear and not suppress it, just acknowledge if it is there.

And move forward anyway.

Knowing God is beside me in my imagination.

A powerful creation.l look at my partner who is younger.

Loo king at my two sons , l think how grateful l am.

Love  and gratitude are a powerful force.

Power of creative and imagination

A powerful creation.Christ in my imagination.

l in times of meditation and prayer  I visualize a loving happy relationship.

Three years almost and here l am.

My imagination is a powerful creative force with the work of Christ within.

l don’t do anything.

Just accept my powerful imagination..wait for the powerful creation to manifest itself.

One day nearly 3 years ago this lady walks into my shop.

Now we are in a loving relationship.

l didn’t have to do much.. like rent a Lamborghini or dine in flash restaurants..

Nope! Though my imagination likes the idea of a new bright red Lambo.

Nope just being my self and in time presto!

A relationship with a much younger women.

We are getting married this year.

God is in my creation.

Power of creative and imagination

My imagination with faith is a powerful creative force.

Just like anyone. My two sons and my partner all get on well.

l am grateful.

Many times  when doubt sets in, just like all of us..I refocus . When l am conscious of what is going on l take charge of my thoughts.

l close my eyes temporary.

Even standing in a bus I pray, visualize anywhere.

At home, beach or a park . I lye down and visualize the outcome that l prefer.

l get into the feeling of my desire.

A creative power.

Like standing on that skyscraper.

Or anything l aspire to..Just believe it is done..

Creation is a powerful process of the imagination as we connect with the quantum energy of the universe aligning ourselves with God.

May it be who or what you believe God to be.

To me it is Christ moving me,directing me towards the person l want to become.

Faith moves mountains if you trust your powerful creative imagination.

Power of creative and imagination

Eventually the skyscraper becomes just a mole hill as you/we move with the powerful force of creation.

Daily life like the universe falls into order.

Watch things come to you that appear coincidental..or miracles if you so such desire it to be.

We get caught up in the past experience and block new creation in our lives..

Imagination is  stifled by our current reality that is really a creation, a by product of our past imagination and beliefs.Believe,have faith.Move forward in your creative imagination.

Block out the negative past and replay it with your powerful imagination to create a powerful new future.

Trust in moving forward.

A new beginning a new creation.

Look at the great minds of our past or present.

Do you think they would achieve great things if they didn’t use their powerful imagination.

These people are normal people doing extraordinary things.

Just ordinary people.

What separates them is their powerful human imagination that is aligned with creation.

God..The all creative power!

We all have the ability to change.

It is our powerful choice.

In my experience the more I practice my personal power in my thoughts the more creative my solutions become.

There is a power a definite creative force that is within us.

We have a subconscious memory that guides our belief systems towards our daily experience.

Sitting down and being quiet and listening to the immediate surroundings.

Observing the reality we have created around us.

A power at work.

We have to re create our surroundings in the mind  before it becomes a reality.

Our bodies as well.

To have a healthy fit looking body doesn’t come by accident.

Create the image of yourself first by imagining the shape you want to be in.

Re wiring yr brain to be creative in the training and discipline it takes to have day after day.Time in ,time out to rest the body so it can grow fit and strong.

Power of creative and imagination

Creative ideas come with nutrition.

I find I no longer want to drink alcohol when I am training in the gym.

Finding personal power to do this becomes natural in time as the brain re wires itself towards healthy creative diets.

In time you or I find we are living in a different state of being.

No longer craving junk food or alcohol.

The brain rewired craves good food and stimulus from exercise.

Power is being one training session away towards feeling good about yourself.

Strange things happen when yr brain emits  different new electro pulses.

Power is in yr imagination, by coincidence new opportunities just come from no where.

You are emitting a new energy, a new found creative power.

Life seems to  be different, It is the transformation in you,creative,a new found power that is different.

Creative power Creative power..is in you.

You are no longer the victim.

Now you have the creative power to shape your life and your self.

Look at high energy people and compare them to low energy people.

High energy people have the power to make things happen.They are usually highly creative have solutions to most problems.

They just sail through life.

Even in dark times they find the inner power to get them through.

Luck some say.

Faith more like it. A creative power within that we all have.

Low energy people I find have a dark outlook, a depressing out look on the world.

Usually tired easily and unwell often.

Power of creative and imagination

Sounds harsh but seemingly always unlucky.

A creative power used in reverse. That’s all.

A choice positive thought or negative thought equals a good outcome that appears to come from luck.

A small miracle I call it.

Or  a negative attitude equals bad luck.

I know where I would rather be.

Poverty is the ultimate swear word to me.

A negative creative power that leads to sickness.

A limited life.

Take the abundant route..a creative power to happiness, health, an expansive creative life, supporting love health and hope..Creative power at work towards a good healthy loving life.

The Universe working in order.

A powerful force of nature.We are part of this to use..A creative force..Lets use it for love and good in our lives…