Homeless resources

Homeless resources. Ways for transformation. Yes we can all change or improve at least..look for ways and resources you didn’t know you had..survival skill to put it simply.When you have yr back up against the wall thats when you draw on your resources,even if it resorts to begging on the street.Being homeless is not a recommended way to live..You are looked down on and people think it will never happen to them…l hope it doesn’t.Time to consider that no one is better than the next person..We all have our challenges…some try to collect pennies to eat for the day.Some wonder how they will make the next lease payment on their Mercedes.Don’t be fooled by appearances.l had a guy come to my big house to turn my power off because l couldn’t pay the bill.He saw the Porsche in the garage..l wonder what he told his wife over dinner that night?

Homeless resources

Having resources to pursue your dreams is the most important.No matter how big or small.

Thats what makes you get up in the morning. It’s called hope!..Prevention from being homeless starts in the mind.

That’s where the seed is planted in the beginning..The unwell and addicted with no resources or hope need to be cared for.

The ones that are physically unable are not what l am talking about..We the society must help those homeless and vulnerable, prevention in the beginning is a start..

Check on yr friends,talk and give hope.love. encouragement.

Resources if you have. Even money to pay the rent if necessary..Don’t worry life is a boomerang .You can give financial help if necessary…You are paying it forward.

All will come back to you in time..Thats a prevention from mental illness, before life escalates ending up homeless on the street…people you least think of that lead modest lives may struggle to put food on the table.With no resources the next stop is homeless and you wouldn’t know about it.

Homeless resources

It makes me so sad to see a young man or woman kneeling face down to the payment with their hand  out for money..their dreams,hope in life all gone.

They seem to be decimated!.Kneeling for a prolonged period is harder than moving around like picking up leaves or mowing a lawn and getting paid for a few hours, any basic work.

If you don’t believe me try kneeling facedown,hand up and out on cold pavement for 15min.

Prevention is getting help before anxiety then mental illness set in like a cancer eating the flesh.

With no resources rendering a poor soul paralyzed render‐ ing them homeless!

We are all here on earth together with resources to help the homeless.The separateness our society experiences today is one reason we don’t have resources to help the homeless..We all have our little worlds that isolate us from each other.

Just watch people. Earplugs and mobile phones..tuned out from the next person.Yes just running on their resources.In their own world.

Till resources run out.See how many friends on Facebook you have then to help out? Together when when we talk to each other in person our resources in us is replenished,

We are no longer isolated.Emotional,spiritual growth is what makes us stronger. Churches,social groups are important resources to prevent people from being homeless.When do people realize we are connected! Even if we don’t realize it.

Just imagine being the only person standing on a platform to catch a train in peak hour?Without any resources to get to work.Or walking in a restaurant with only you in it.No waiter or resources to serve,just you.

Homeless people isolated from basic resources probably feel like this.Isolated yes. l felt like l was on a lunar landscape.

Watching people rushing by me tuned out..so close yet so far! Lonely desperate homeless. No one appears to care or notice.

Am l on the Moon or what? Thing is my heart and desire will find the resources to get my life back. With Gods resources l will rise from being homeless.

So l will continue my story.. It is about finding the resources for transformation

Homeless resources

From the dark of the night to the light of the day..a new dawn.

A bright orange glow from the horizon,.a morning sunrise.orange,yellow,purple illuminating the sky.

l watch from the comfort of my clean white linen bed, high up in this this magnificent apartment.

I am looking out of my bedroom window.Watching the city lights like diamonds glistening in the distance fading away to the ever increasing light of the day..

Warm and snug l realized how quickly my life would change.

I am in this luxury apartment watching the sunrise and listening to the call of awakening birds down in the trees.

A cookabarra laughing in the distance..l laughed as well..The extremes l create in my life.Fighting off rats on a park bench a couple nights ago to a luxury linen bed up high,you laugh or cry.l chose to laugh..

Resources that’s what it is! Let me explain.l felt desperate with my back against the wall.l had to dig deep find those resources to make a change.

On a subconscious level my inner resources found a compassionate man to lend me his apartment.He had the resources to just hand me the keys.It all comes together at the eleventh hour.

Here l am in bed looking out!Resources..Yes resources to Gods work who moves in mysterious ways! I found stability.Not looking over my shoulder scared and homeless.

With time to gather my thoughts and not feel homeless. I was able to contact some of my loyal clients.(Who l still have today)Able and keen l find myself doing clients in the apartment.

Home hairdressing was never my choice of venue.It gave me resources to live comfortably and save up for the times l had to move out keeping me from being homeless.

l had time to think,find resources to move onto another level of surviving.l would go to the pub and catch up with mates and drink beer. It was a crazy time..

Homeless resources

One day l met a client that l was attracted to long time ago when l was married. Though not appropriate then. A Dutch Blonde with blue eyes,stunning.

We dated for a time but again alcohol and medication for mental health would turn this woman with a soft gentle hearted nature into someone violent and unpredictable,it didn’t last and couldn’t last as l needed stability being homeless.

This lady nearly ended up homeless as well, if it wasn’t for good friends who have resource to helps.To this day we remain friends and l keep a watchful eye on her so that she doesn’t head towards being homeless with no resources.

Drinking in bars and pubs l witnessed continual fights,got into one my self. It was hilarious.

The jokes made after. Karlos the hairdresser didn’t like the blokes hair so he got into a punch up with him.ha ha!

You look at someone the wrong way and they want to punch you out..Any way the jokes were more painful than this punch up. l tried to avoid this guy and by him a beer,he just wanted to fight.

Don’t want to be homeless and no resources,want my life back. a home and family! These situations happen all the time in places like these.

I Made friends with this woman who was also attractive but her face showed a hard life and abuse,she liked me.

Oh God not again! l was wary of her..One minute she was sweet,next she would punch or attempt to glass any man that was rude or treated her badly.. (Don’t want to be here or homeless..God will give me resources to change)

So l was polite and turned on the charm,safer!.She told me that her son will be reunited with her in the next couple days and when she had resources,life would be a clean fresh start for them both.Next morning she made the news because she murdered someone while Intoxicated and high.

So many lives changed forever.lucky l didn’t go home with her as it could of been me. l saw people slowly die from alcoholism and so on! As a lack of resources and close to being homeless. This life style went on for around 12 months or more, it was blurred in slow motion.

My kind friend was happy he had a clean serviced apartment to come to.

Homeless resources

Days away l kept from being homeless as l saved money and had resources to rent cheap rooms preventing me from being homeless.

l had my sons over on the times l had the apartment so things sort  of started to feel normal and gave me stability.

They were the resources to continue life. I knew l had to change this habit of my drinking. These antidepressants were just messing me around.

Deep down in the back of my mind l knew l was still homeless. My sons brought hope and respect back to me as in their mind l wasn’t homeless..l need resources to be stable,

Finally to beat this reality that l am technically homeless.

One morning l woke up looked in the mirror and saw this fat belly hanging over my belt and my jelly bean arms.Bags under my eyes.

l opened the bottle of antidepressants looked at them.l said to my self no more pills.No more walking around in slow motion drugged up!

No more being homeless!.Again a statement of conviction points you in that direction.New found resources come spontaneously.l threw the antidepressants in the bin.

Never since that day l have ever taken them.Find the resources deep in you, dig deep inside and life will change. It is one step away from being homeless.

l wouldn’t recommend to just stop suddenly taking those pills as l did.Weird things started to happen like blackouts,cold shakes,anxiety to the extreme..Talk to your doctor before you go off them.

Do it gradually.Any way after a month l was rid of the medication and never regretted it.

Best to feel yr emotions, than see the whole world move in slow motion with the medication.One step closer to finding myself.

Homeless resources

Find the inner resources,the way from being homeless. Being homeless teaches to take one day at a time..Resources come to you if you let it.

Being homeless and no resources will pass in time.Dare to ask!.Resources come to you if you let it.Homeless l don’t want to be and with Gods resources and faith we will overcome.

How can l help the homeless who don’t want to be homeless.

My decision in the bathroom was spontaneous and powerful..little did l realize l set the motions in play for the better.

Away from being homeless you can change yr life by finding resources you didn’t think you have.There is a turning point..Rising from being homeless.

Homeless resources


One morning l woke up feeling really down..In my mind l’m still homeless. l have limited resources and was just depressed.

I hadn’t had a shower. The hangovers from drinking were taking their toll.l couldn’t sleep,typical symptoms from a heavy drinker.

l was in this lovely apartment but deep down l knew l was still homeless.l went for a long walk and found a pub open in the morning and started to drink all over again..as alcoholics do.

Sitting looking out l just felt the inner desire to have my own place. I’m tired of being homeless and limited resources.l prayed to God with a beer in my hand for home ,a way to change.

That day was a turning point l clearly remember. l am sitting there praying with my beer and l get a call from a lady inquiring about a hair appointment..l had met her before and new her for quite a long time as she was a local.

We met later that day and just went for a casual drink,one of many for me.This lady was 20 yrs younger.

Attractive,big brown hazel eyes ,long brown hair..and really fit. For privacy reasons we will call her Sandra.

Sandra and l chattered for a while and l excused my self and left to buy groceries for my dinner.Sandra had no idea l was homeless with limited resources.

Homeless resources

l just wanted to stay low and not get caught up in a big night drinking as l was drinking most of the day,and low on resources.

In the supermarket aisle l am buying my groceries on a limited budget.My resources were down on the limit.

I bump into Sandra doing the same shopping for dinner.l just said hi and kept on my way.A few moments later l found Sandra again and spontaneously suggested we cook up a dinner together as she was going home alone to eat.

Well Sandra jumped at the invite. Presto! A dinner date with a young attractive woman in a beautiful apartment.We went back to my place at the time and had a cook up.

Not bad for someone that is homeless with limited resources.Again the lesson for me is.Dare ask! Gods resources come to you..

Homeless resources

That morning l was severely depressed at the thought of being homeless and lonely.

Now l’m dining in great company having a great time. As the night passed l totally forgot l was still homeless.

Later l walked Sandra home thinking how life can change in a blink of an eye. The next night Sandra was back again for another dinner.

She still had no idea that l was homeless and this apartment was on loan..These dinner dates happened about four times a week.

My emotional resources were up..I didn’t feel homeless then.When l moved out to vacate the apartment and l had to stay in cheap accommodation that was hard ,as the contrast now was great.

One day homeless, next day a beautiful apartment with mostly great company.I prayed to find a home to beat this homeless existence.

Sandra wondered where l’d gone.Being embarrassed.l made up all sorts of excuses..I need to draw on those inner resources to pray and visualize to make things happen for the betterment of my life..

Homeless resources

l kept saying to myself..Love,hope ,a home…Love,hope a home. God will give me the resources so l am no longer homeless! little did l know what lyes ahead.

When l had access to the apartment Sandra was quick to come over for those dinners..Well the obvious happened.

Being apart just made this intense and yes,very soon we are in a relationship.Advice for all you single men.A way to a women’s heart is thru her stomach.

Learn how to cook!Being a gentleman l can’t go into further details.

How did this happen?

Dig deep find yr inner resources dare to visualize and the universe will bring to you your hearts desire.It’s called a miracle..they do happen..Do it genuinely!

Homeless resources

THE NEXT BIG STEP…Resources to stay out of being homeless.

Sandra and l kept seeing each other for about three or four days in the week.

Sandra enjoyed a drink l must say but never was aggressive or crazy out of control.

I eventually had to tell her the apartment was on loan.

She worked it out l was sort of homeless with limited resources.

On the days l moved out l would find cheap accommodation near my younger son so l could see him.I really missed him and wanted to be there for him My son and l are re bonding. l can feel that love and reconnection.

This feeling overcomes me with gratitude that life is giving me the resources l need to love,being loved and soon no longer homeless.

Sandra never invited me to her place for the first couple months.l thought that was weird..later on l found the reason why.

We kept our relationship a secret for a couple months.Some people get nasty when they find out you are dating a younger attractive women especially when they are drunk .

Homeless resources

Thats my experience. Even to this day. As time past it became obvious that we should move in together.

The first time l visited her town‐ house l could see that she was embarrassed low on resources and struggling.

The place was nice enough but cluttered and run down..Sandra had broken off with this guy who l actually know.

A gambler and an alcoholic. Sandra had a retail managerial position in one of the top stores in Sydney. She was always headhunted as she had amazing drive turning dud businesses around into highly profitable ones.

This girl is gold. Unfortunately this dud ex boyfriend raked up big debts. Sandra confided that she to was homeless at one time and drained of resources, because of this dude.

You never know by appearances who is homeless. She could barely make ends meet, even now.Her resources were drained and Sandra as well is close to being homeless.

This explained why she understood my situation..We both experienced being homeless without resources.

God moves in mysterious ways.

To be continued.