Homeless prevention

 Homeless prevention in my experience is recognizing the early signs before it is to late. The signs are there. Mental health is the start,the beginning for the homeless l believe. The inability to cope.It starts with a bad relationship where domestic abuse is consistent. Prevention starts with friends knowing something is wrong. Some homeless people suffer financial disasters like myself and turn to alcohol. I was perfectly fine and functioning before l became an alcoholic and became homeless. Prevention for me would of been someone skillful at negotiating a way out of my financial disaster. Giving me time to work my way out of my situation. The thing that undermined this was a bad marriage. l couldn’t deal with the both together. Prevention from being homeless was possible.I wanted out. Freedom! I saw an add on a bus that showed an abused women saying being homeless is being better than hit. l can resonate with that!
Homeless prevention
You just want out..Homeless is the better option.
Prevention from abuse..toxic relationships..all the same! Being homeless is the better option its called freedom!
l’m sure women being homeless could of of been avoided if they had somewhere to go. To escape.
A prevention from domestic violence.Or a moratorium placed for someone like me to sort out their financial mess.
Prevention from being homeless.I do understand some people have physical issues that render them homeless..or serious mental health issues..Prevention for young people who are exposed.
Prevention for young people who are exposed to domestic violence and abuse, who don’t have a choice running away ending up Homeless. We need to look after those people .Prevention from being homeless is our responsibility as a society.
Don’t walk around like yr the only one on the moon. We all breath the same air down here. Take some responsibility for the prevention of homeless.

Prevention of homeless

I can only give my experience here and only be myself. l am not a expert on prevention of the homeless.
It just upsets me when l see dreams disappear and despaire take it’s place. With all my faults and all.
 My story continues….
I am looking out of that same window high up in this apartment watching the yellow orange glow of the dawn.City lights shimmering in the distance.
Next to me wrapped in white linen ,the soft skin and the gentle breath of Sandra asleep murmuring in her dream state,long brown hair flowing over white linen.l say to my self .Thank you God for this moment.
Thank you God for yr prevention. Your prevention from loneliness. Your prevention from the cold. Your prevention from fear and anxiety. Instead you give me softness ,warmth,a feeling of belonging. Today l am not homeless.
I am not perfect speciman of a male as well..l have a beer belly,and balding . l am here though! Wrapped laying next to a princess warm in white linen..

Homeless prevention

You can only express whats in yr heart, yr consciousness. Yes my gratitude to God/Universe who answers yr prayers if you truly believe.
A prevention from being homeless. I am thankful for the habit of looking at the best side of life. Be your self and accept that we are all human. Thru choice we can change. We are all human.
Thru faith we can change.Yr heart,your mind will see with a clear lens to find a better way! Even when down and homeless. Yes prevention starts in the heart and mind.Gratitude sets you free! Hope and a positive belief in yourself.You never know what you can achieve if you don’t try.
Along with all your imperfections. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes.Thats what gives you experience in your efforts.You come back stronger.
I pray for prevention from anxiety,prevention from fear, prevention from despair.Instead gratitude,hope and love for all concerned overwhelm me!

Prevention of homeless

Being homeless and now with hope. l realize it’s not what happens to you externly. It is how you see it.Through the your heart! Change this feeling and the subconscious in yr mind will seek good in everything in life.

A prevention from being homeless! Sandra and l over time  realized that we had a history of dysfunctional relationships,though different circumstances and just longed for stability and some love. The obvious followed. l moved into her town house.

My kind friend got himself a cleaner and we stayed the best of friends.I can now say l am not homeless and both of us have some stability.No longer homeless and a gorgeous brunette..mmm well done! How life can change in a blink of an eye.

Prevention from loneliness..Prevention from struggling. Prevention from being Homeless.

I quickly set out to restore this town house back to something cute and cosy. l cleaned out the clutter and old memories.Bought some scented candles.

Nice music in the background to create a positive warm energy.We had this beautiful balcony with Jacaranda trees,lush green vegetation.

Bright colored birds singing in the trees.lizards stopping by to have a look.Bright Lorikeets on the balcony,and the odd Myna bird trying to steel your food..Nature in motion on our doorstep.

A prevention from anxiety  and depression when you are close to nature.

The possums living up in the trees were a menace. later l called them the night invaders.I installed a barbecue on the balcony and many balmy evenings were spent having dinner there.How far away from being homeless,a dream come true.

Prevention starts with domestic stability,a healthy routine that nourishes yr soul. Yes that boring word ‘routine’. A lesson l have learned..Better than being homeless!

Homeless prevention

Alcohol was still very prevalent in our life. There were a lot of boozy nights. Thank god we weren’t the type to get aggressive or violent.

A lot of people around us were. l watch people at our local pub still do all sorts of crazy things. They blow their money gambling and get drunk.

Angry and into fights,some end up homeless. Some are big time gamblers. Here in Sydney based on what l see and read in the papers.

Want prevention from homeless? Cut back,avoid pokermachines..other forms of gambling. Prevention from homeless means not over drinking,gambling.

Having money to pay yr bills is a prevention from being homeless. Go home have a barbecue  and talk to your family. It’s called ‘routine’.A healthy one! A feeling of family is the best!

As we settled into a routine l did clients at home ,also rented space at a mates salon as well to make ends meet. A prevention from being homeless.

Prevention of homeless

Most of all, my sons came over more. My elder  son whom l feel that l failed him more than ever.

The boy had seen two separations. Once his real mum and myself. The second with his stepmum and l.

Seeing me go homeless after living in a big house and going to a good private school. Having to move out of a big home with the feeling of uncertainty.

Having to move back to Queensland must of been hard for him.Today he is a Chef and happy in his life. My younger boy as well..both of them watching their dad heading towards destruction and being homeless, with no prevention.

Not knowing the outcome. They were told to be prepared for the worst regarding their homeless dad. Who would go missing at times.

There would be weeks when l was homeless and they didn’t know where l was…Neither did I,not knowing where I would sleep that night.

Prevention has many meanings in this article. My sons expierence was prevention from seeing their dad. Prevention from their peace of mind.A security you should give your children.Not a feeling of anxiety.

My younger son seems to have even today.He asks how all this came about?In time I will explain to him in detail,How a prevention from being homeless is the best way.

My ex wife has every reason to be angry and resentful towards me as l put her through hell when l was homeless. Prevention for her could of been. avoiding anxiety and financial stress.

Having to raise a child while her husband dropped the ball and went missing in action! One can understand her situation.

To this day l am sorry and want her life to be a happy one. This will be a lifetime of continual reminder of tolerance and forgiveness.

Hopefully a prevention from ill health.It can be a result of stress and resentment.My love flows  to her and hopefully we can move forward.

We have a teenage son that looks for guidance and role models. Having him come over now is the beginning of that new chapter. My older son as well as he has been put through two failed marriages.

Prevention for them would be not to repeat their fathers mistakes and end up homeless.

Being Homeless effects so many people around us.

Thats why prevention from being homeless in the beginning is paramount.

Homeless prevention

The early signs are there. Prevention being homeless.Prevention from poverty.

Prevention from domestic abuse. Early prevention is recognising the signs.

Luckily Sandra was happy to see my two boys when they came over. Her experience of being homeless
was from a different set of circumstances, of being with a habitual gambler that would render them broke.

Prevention for me is paying the bills getting my work back to a sustainable level and reconnecting with my sons. My older son would come over from Queensland and we would talk go out all of us. Sandra gave him a part time job in one of the stores she managed.

Prevention from being homeless felt like a distant memory. But some times being homeless again just felt around the corner.

As l had a lot of time to myself ..l still needed work. To find a prevention from being homeless again. l was never scared of work!

Sandra was able to give me a job as a store man in one of the stores she managed.

That helped to pay the bills and maintain this relationship without depending on her. A prevention from being homeless again.And respect

Prevention of homeless

Deep down l wanted my own business..How? I only had a few dollars in my pocket and over fifty yrs old..l worked on every hunch l came across I helped out in a few salons always looking for an opportunity.

l had the skill,the drive and business experience of thirty years. Most of all a passion for my craft! I am not going to be homeless again!

Prevention from my dreams is just not in my dialogue. Homeless once.Giving up is not in my dialogue.

Homeless once.Businessman again.

l know..Don’t know how? I know!…..Faith is blind and l recall many words of wisdom. At the end of the day all you have is your belief in something greater than you.Secondly a belief in yourself as a result.

This world is not an accident. It’s us humans that mess up! That’s what makes us human.That builds strength of character.

Prevention from being homeless is on so many levels.

l am touching the surface and can only speak from my experience. My life now seems to be stable. I have a home and a great partner.

My children were in regular contact with me. Some how l wasn’t satisfied.My heart yearned for more. l wish l was the person to settle for what l was given.I CAN’T !

Being homeless with no prevention you would think so. BUT NO! My heart yearned for more. My gut just knew that I would be back in business,l wish l could settle and accept my situation.

My mind,my instincts just kept on visualizing an opportunity.Follow yr heart..yr mind to create the positive thoughts.Yr instinct/gut will take you there.

Prevention from giving up that’s more important ..Maybe that’s why l ended up homeless? It is because I lost my vision.Lost faith.

Prevention from my dreams,listening to people that tell me what I can’t do..Never again! I call them the Prophets Of Doom! Best to keep your ideas and dreams to your self.

Only share with positive like minded people.You end up who you hang out with.Prevention from realizing your dreams.Possibly ending up homeless.

Homeless prevention

Prevention is Never letting yr emotions stop you from being who you could be. Feel the fear ..whatever the emotion may be.Do it.!Do it anyway!

Prevention from anxiety and depression is giving your all in the thoughts you create.

Your subconscious mind (your gut your heart and soul) all combined have the ability to find the way. Some call it luck.l call it my divine right!

It is my nature to push! Can’t magine giving in? That is worse than being an alcoholic and homeless. Better trying and ending up homeless than giving up.At least l live my life on my own terms!

Prevention from wondering what you could of become .Just you try! Just have a go one step at a time.Being homeless is not an option anymore!

Why do homeless people seem to be defeated. There has to be way out for the one who has the heart’s desire for the better.A second chance for a full life.

Everything that we feel is the same.We may be wired differently. Though we function the same.We are all connected on this planet spinning and hurtling thru space and time.

Homeless prevention

Homeless…A prevention is possible. Re connect! If you are fighting to survive..WHY NOT GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT! You might as well choose to be positive and not let yr bad experience define you.

Choose love not hate or it will consume you. A prevention from being homeless. Lesson for me is to surrender to God and good will shall come.

Remember no matter how difficult life is. There is always someone worst off. As l am writing this story today l met a woman who was kidnapped and raped in a civil war in Africa.Her Identity I won’t disclose.

Today she is married with children.Well known for her charity work, representing the United Nations.Free from hatred,full of love going back to her country to save young lives.A prevention from suffering

Her experience makes my struggle with being homeless and my disappointments a walk in the park. in comparison.

Live life with gratitude for yr life..Gives you strength to help others.A prevention from homeless and suffering

Don’t live yr life in yr own prison. A prison in your heart and mind..freedom starts within as an example.

A prevention to become homeless

As you live yr life free…. .With Faith,Hope and Love…..All good will come!

.to be continued