Define believe in yourself

DEFINE BELIEVE and TRUST IN YOURE SELF. Trusting your intuition in yourself is stepping out into the void. Taking criticism and dissecting it to what is relevant to you and the rest that is false and discarding  the negative. When l look back l can see the best advice is your advice!. ‘Define Believe In Yourself’.Yes be careful to whom you listen to. There are many false prophets talking themselves up(Define Believe In Yourself). Trust in yourself, your own judgement that comes from within is usually correct. I have been to many sales and motivational meetings where l have heard success stories to make me feel less adequate. Then later in time to find out they were a half truth. False prophets making up lifestyle stories to make you buy their products and in their dream. Well it is a dream till you wake up!! The inner voice that speaks to you..

Define believe in yourself

The outside world drowns this inner spirit with false hope of images and messages designed to make us feel inadequate.

l have been told by experts that l should focus in different areas of my life or business.

Except in my intuition..(Define Believe In Yourself)

These cliche lines just make you think that you may be doing something wrong.

Not at all..! We know what is best for ourselves and our business deep inside our being.

That doesn’t mean we don’t take advice.

Take it cautiously and choose mentors  well ‘Define Believe Yourself’.

Out of the thousands of people l have met in my life time there are three men and one woman l listen to what they may have to say.

The rest l take with a grain of salt.So the saying goes.

God within you speaks to you if you allow..(Define Believe In Yourself).

In your deep recess of yr being..Don’t allow the ways of the world to influence you.Don’t be afraid to Trust In Yourself to feel successful..To feel loved and to love.

Define believe in yourself

Be brave.Feel your value,how important you are..Greatness is in your inner being..’Define Believe In Yourself’.Fear is what eats away at your confidence.

Preventing the person you could be.

When you trust in yourself you resonate a confidence that exudes..’Define Believe In YourSelf’.

People pick this up subconsciously.

The world opens to another life.Your life..Seeing things for what they are.

‘Define Believe In Yourself’.You will feel you don’t need to explain or justify anything in life as you ‘Trust in Yourself’.

When you get to this stage you see the contrast in others.

An example when someone continually has the need to talk themselves up..

Inner trust and confidence has no need for this dialog.

‘Trust in your Self’, listen to your inner voice .

Take care that this voice within is not drowned out by the hive mentality of this illusional world.’Believe In Yourself..’God is within your judgement

l promised I will value myself. Trust in my intuition.

Trust in what I have to contribute to this world.

After being homeless l will not live life in fear or anxiety.

To live and help my fellow man to become the best version of themselves.

Define believe in yourself

‘Define Believe In Yourself’ Live my life as true as possible.

I make mistakes and say things l still shouldn’t.Just like any man.

Everything in consciousness can be reversed with forgiveness and love.

At night l go through my day backwards and look at the players in my life..’Define Believe In Yourself’.

The people l have met and talked to.

Like actors on a stage in life.The ticket l bought for this daily session in this day just passing in time..replaying out every scene.

Define believe in yourself

Every moment and word I would like to change..That argument,,Something I wish I have not said that might of offended someone today.

Or that disastrous moment ‘Trust And Believe In Yourself’. l rewrite the script and replay every moment l want to change this day.

Send love to that rude person l met today.’Trust In Yourself’.

Or replay a situation l would like to change that happened today and replay it in my mind..God is in my imagination and I see forgiveness. love…………A reconciliation

 At the end of the day in the night I revise for the better outcome.

Never let yr soul go to bed and feel the shame,regret or anxiety..’Define Believe And Trust In Yourself’.

Grow thru this .’Define Believe..Find the love and you are homeward bound..

Define believe in yourself

Your soul will grow to be a better man as you sleep.A clear deck,a new life when you wake.

‘Trust In Yourself’. Christ is in your inner being.When you think good you do good..

And when you fall short and get caught up in the bad feelings or thoughts.

Stop and reverse it in your mind.’Define Believe Trust In Yourself’.

Clear the deck in that moment..And again when in bed before yr sleep..reconcile again..

Play that scene the way you would like it to be. ‘Believe In Yourself’

Clear the soul and again go to your sleep to awake to a better man..Keep this a daily routine.You will notice a calm in Yourself

Trust that your life will move towards a good life.A better life.(Define Believe In Yourself).

Never you will think of yr enemy negatively..but welcome and make friends,reconcile in your imagination and forgive..

It is what sets you free.

You become the Bright Light inside..Radiating out to the people around you.

From an inner place ‘Trust and Believe’. Nothing and no one can hurt or touch you when you wake and find Christ within Yourself

When l see that man or women in the corner whom l would like to talk to, l visualize that person to be my relative on this earth.

As we are all connected. Doesn’t matter how famous or intimidating.How beautiful or low in status that person may be.I look for the heart.Just talk…Just ask about their day,and listen.

It is amazing the confidence and trust I find within as I talk to that  person.I hear them from within.

I see their inner being without them knowing.Imagining them waking to the person they want to be.

Define believe in yourself

Conversation just flows.’Trust In Yourself’.I know we are all connected..Helping each other to become the best version of ourselves..When you wake and welcome Christ into your heart.You awake from a sleep.       ‘Define Believe In Yourself’

 A new conscious of  awareness becomes you. You become your own observer on this stage in life.

‘Trust and Believe’…Fear!…What Fear?….’Trust In Yourself.’

The miracle of love..A path to your new being.I remember in my darkest hour l found relief in prayer..

There is something powerful in prayer.Releasing your soul to a higher force.

A force in nature that is all around us.’Define Believe In Yourself’.

I let go of all my problems and challenges to God.

Knowing that all the complicated issues in life are just to big for me to solve on my own..

I Trust In Myself to let go and let God..Doesn’t matter what religion.We are all one and connected..’Define Believe in Yourself’.

Define believe in yourself

My senior partner Christ is with me and you.’Define Believe In Yourself’.

Just trust.What is there to lose?

Get down on your knees and pray..Just try.

You will be surprised at the comfort and healing you can achieve.

Doesn’t matter how big the problem..

God’s got it..I am now living with my partner happily after all of my trials and tribulations to find my life slowly taking form for the better..

‘Define Believe In Yourself’ that life will manifest for your good.

We still have challenges and mountains to climb..’Define Believe In Yourself’.

Just keep climbing..Better still grow wings find yr lightness of being and fly over those mountains.

Miracles happen.’Define Believe’.

Define believe in yourself

l just came back from Japan..

If you told me a year earlier that we could go with our own finances..

All paid with our own money and no credit cards l wouldn’t believe so..

We stayed in some amazing places..

Ichiko my partner introduced me to her family and extended family..’Trust In YourSelf’.

Now l am 61 and she is 33 yrs old.That is 28 yrs difference..’Define Believe In Yourself’.

Can you imagine the reluctancy l had meeting a Japanese conservative family.

My trust in God and the power of Love always wins!.

I said to Ichiko’s grandfather this.

“I acknowledge we are from two different cultures and l acknowledge our age difference..

However! What is in all of our heart’s is the same”.

Define believe in yourself

That statement gave me instantaneous acceptance from every single family member.’Define Believe In Yourself’.

God speaks in all languages and people from all walks of life.

Understand this! It is called Love..’Trust in Yourself’ and the power within.

With love comes humility and a power in unison..

Fear is what holds us back.’Believe In Yourself’.

Ichiko and her family see me as their family.

This is a huge development in our relationship.

Love conquers all.

God is in us all..Just be awake to this miracle of nature.God is in all things around us.It is called creation. ‘Define Believe In Yourself’.

Define believe in yourself

I used to suffer depression and on medication.’Define Believe In Yourself’.

An alcoholic.No more..!!!

The best way to beat that “Black Dog” is to get busy..fill your day.

l don’t have the luxury of spending endless time thinking about how badly l have been done by.

Depression stems from fear..from a feeling of being immobilized.

To much time to think.Make Yourself busy…’Trust In Yourself’.

Movement anything go for a walk..Or a run..just move! ‘Define Believe In Yourself’.

When l come home from work l feel tired and sleepy some times..

I put on my gym gear and just go to the gym without thinking I get changed into my gym gear.

If I think to much about the effort I won’t go.

Ironically l have to walk past the R.S.L Club a place where people drink and gamble.

l see my old mates in there having a beer.

Then l must walk past two more pubs to get to my gym.

That ten minute walk ‘Trust InYourSelf’ sometimes is inspirational as l feel the contrast of the alcoholic l used to be to this current moment..Fit!

Other days just a war in my mind as l want to go in and have a beer.

Define believe in yourself

I always get to the gym and say to myself “oh l will just do a twenty minute workout and go home”.

Every time l get into the “Zone” and end up doing at least an hour of an intense workout in the gym.’Define BelieveI In Yourself’..

I walk home past those pubs and feel “victorious” Rest of my night is on a high..

Same when Ichiko and l go for a run over the Harbor Bridge down to the Opera House.

‘Define Believe In Yourself’.No time to over think and worry..Try it.

While doing so look up and thank your God while in prayer during your run or walk.Life will improve and you in Yourself.

On the wings of a prayer.Faith..Hope..and Love.

A lightness of being will overcome you in time…’Define Believe In yourself’.

Define believe in yourself

Love the mighty power..! You will fly on your feet.

Finding that lightness of being that will overcome you.Saying goodbye to that black dog.’Trust In Yourself’.

Every night l reconcile my day.

Change the parts you wish were different in your imagination and replay the day you desire it to be.

Your days will improve..

To a point when you look back in the curve of time.Good things come back to you,Some call this Karma.I call it Faith!…… ‘Define Believe In Yourself’.

God is in my and your imagination and in YOURSELF.

l can replay anything that l wish could of been better.

On the plane of mind it is so..

Define believe in yourself

Free to sleep and dream to awake again to a better man!.

Try it! ‘Define Believe In Yourself’

Never give up faith or discard anyone.With desire it is possible to change.

I say this to my self all the time. I can rebuild my life one day at a time.

Prayer is my constant companion to the man I want to be.To a new life.

My family discarded me when l was fifty and an alcoholic about to suicide.

God willing and only through God within.’Define Believe In Yourself’.

Through prayer and guidance somehow l came through..Forgiveness is the lesson here.

My family to forgive me for some bad decisions l have made.The pain I have caused them.

More important to me personally.

Is to forgive them for discarding me.

To find the love and forgiveness every time I am criticised I must move forward to a better life.

To my loving partner..My two sons and any man or women who has been discarded for the mistakes they have made.

Never give up on any one..Miracles happen!…’Define Believe In Yourself’…Others as well.

My relationship with Ichiko is on another level..I come home to a lovely apartment warm and clean to a loving hug.

To a beautiful view of the city.

A partner who welcomes me with genuine gratitude and love.

Yes l said gratitude..Being grateful for my current circumstances just improves the quality of the relationship.

Yes l am grateful to have her in my life..

Define believe in yourself

‘Trust In Yourself’.We look at each other with gratefulness.

Countless thank you said to each other on a daily basis after two years tells me we are fortunate to have each other.’

Define BelieveTrust In Yourself’.

Fortunate means we created this with faith..A vision.

A desire for a good life.’Trust In Yourself’

Strange thing happened three months ago.

My television died..Yep no zombie box!

Well my world just stopped..What will l do when l get home?.

lchiko my partner was silently joy full..MMM! Why is she so glad?

Maybe she is the silent assassin and murdered my television?.

Every time l set to go out to by a T.V we get side tracked (smart girl).

The first month l missed it though I found my self talking more.

Define believe in yourself

Connecting more..Loving more..

I find my self going to the gym every second night after work,after a light dinner.

I find our quality of life has skyrocketed..We talk a lot..muck around more..’Define Believe In Yourself’

Time just flies in the evenings..Now l am reluctant to go buy another television..’Trust In Yourself’.

All we do watching T.V. are actors getting paid to create an illusion.

Deluge of news.Disasters people have created with their mindset that we buy into.

Life is shaped by some producer or director feeding  leftovers from the menu of life..

Filling advertising space in the process..I call it mind garbage..

That most people act out playing the game called follow the follower. And wondering why they are so anxious and dissatisfied.’Trust In Yourself’.

Media and social media have a hypnotic effect..

We are told the horrors of the world,Led to believe the world is horrible place.

So sometimes it gets acted out in real life.’Trust In Yourself’..Visualise the life you want instead.

You are what you think about the most.

I Believe it is relevant to what you watch and believe.

I love being with my partner and connecting more.

l love the beautiful music we play.A lovely atmosphere we have at home.

Not watching the evening news l come home talk and engage. We play music.

Love the the intimate time together.

Have great home cooked dinners most nights,and l get to go to the gym.

Life doesn’t get much better than this.’Trust In Yourself’.

It is a long way from being homeless. As mentioned before.

Never give up on any one..Miracles happen..’Define Believe In Yourself’.

Never ever give up on anyone..

See the goodness in them..Visualise their garden grow,and thus in Yourself….Miracles it is.

Define believe in yourself

In my life experience certain stages come to your life..From a child..To a teenager..

We move along our pathway as a young man towards our thirty’s ‘Define Believe In Yourself’.

Then forty comes in a blink of an eye and  we head towards fifty.(Generally Speaking)

On we go to sixty and beyond..

During this cycle of life..We are constantly evolving, learning through our life’s challenges and successes..

We love and are loved..Hope fully some where along we leave a good legacy for the others to follow.’

Trust In Yourself’.That is what l hope to do in this life.

Define believe in yourself

To give hope when life doesn’t work out to be as such.

I hope to pass on my struggle and experience to  others making this a better world.

To give hope when defeated in spirit..Stuff that happens to us is measured how we perceive it to be.

God is in your imagination.’Define Belief In Yourself’

In our being.We can change our path to a new life…Following that burning flame of desire within..Faith!        All logic aside..God’s way..As Christ lives within YourSelf..

Whatever is going on at the moment unless it life threatening is temporary.

That this is a season in life.

That will pass..Always for the better if you give yourself a chance.

Put reason and logic aside..(Just Believe In Yourself)

The Christ within you.

Imagination creates reality.

Your Great… I AM

to be continued