Define believe in perseverance

Define..believe in perseverance..Perseverance is about lasting the distance..For me it is not accepting a compromise..staying firm,basically it is faith..Our mind wants to rationalize our daily experience..It is easier to compromise as it relieves tension and stress..Most athletes understand the stress factor,Allowing themselves to experience discomfort..For me it has been 3years of going to the gym on a regular basis of 3 to 4 times a week.The hardest part is walking past the pub,then the agonizing walk home.’Just want that beer’ Then changing into my gym gear and preparing my food and heading out for a workout..
Perseverance in anything worthwhile takes patience and faith..There are times when giving up would be easy..Giving my self permission to feel discomfort and sometimes disappointment allows me to slowly regroup and re charge my batteries in this life.Then start again. Never say you beat.’Perseverance’..Doesn’t matter howmany times you fall..It is how you rise that counts! Perseverance..

Define believe in perseverance

Define yr ability to trust in your higher self to push on towards yr goal.
We may not know the route of our journey..
Just keep faith.Hold on your perseverance..and the world in time will reshuffle itself to yr vision.
Perseverance is just another way of assuming yr time will come and yr goals will be realized.
Many times in my life l have been disillusioned in life only to just take time out to regather my thoughts and continue my routine towards my dream.
Realizing setbacks are a test of your perseverance. Believe..Define your life.
It is called faith in other words..Define your attitude towards being tested in life.

Define believe in perseverance

How do we take setbacks?Define setbacks?
What kind of self talk do we give to ourselves?
Perseverance can change yr life instantly in a moment..Believe..Define your life
As an example when l was feeling lonely and heart broken after a 4year relationship l thought was going to be permanently lonely.
Self talk in the mirror reaffirming my worth as a loving, caring person..
I just prayed and visualized my self happy again.
A long time passed.Define time?
My perseverance and faith was tested many times in loneliness.Define and Believe
l never went out on dating sites. Or to clubs and pubs to drink alcohol.
Thats not where l want to meet women.
l just stuck to my routine of training and the gym.Define discipline?
I did long runs on my own..just focused on my well being and my business.
One afternoon feeling lonely, l decided to talk to Christ within me looking for guidance and longing for company..’Perseverance in my faith’
Then within minutes a lady walks into my salon wanting a haircut.
Something inside me just asked her if she would like to join me on a run into the city.
I never ask strangers to do this.Define this moment in my life?
Though this time my higher self prompted me to ask the question.Define your intuition.
A gut feeling..Guess what.?
She jumped at the invite for a run into the city on a hot Saturday afternoon.Define this moment?

Define believe in perseverance

This lady then runs home changes into her gym gear and within half an hour I am off on a run with a total stranger 28 yrs younger than me.
What are the chances of this happening on a dating site.
My world that day changed literally within minutes.
Believe..Just believe..Define your faith..
‘Perseverance’..We spent a glorious afternoon doing the thing we love..being outdoors exercising.Is this a coincidence?

I don’t think so.(define destiny).

I Define this as God’s answer.

This cute Japanese lady is next to me in the pool wearing a bikini.

After a 10 kilometer run ending up in a Sydney Harbour pool for a swim on a hot sunny day,Sipping an iced cool mineral water while watching the white sails going by in the crystal blue day together.We talked and enjoyed the moment,regenerating after a long hot run.

She did ask me my age?

I just murmured my age number….Define.Believe

I don’t think she understood..

I had no idea of her age.It is hard to tell with some Japanese women.

Though she looked young.Hopefully not to young.What an afternoon!

I couldn’t of planned it better..Perseverance pays.Believe in yourself..Believe!

Faith.All in good time will come.Believe..Just Believe..Define..Define..Just Define in What you believe

In a blink of an eye it does.Truly does! Believe..Define!

The next day we met up early and spent the whole day at the beach.

Another hot blue day with a lovely lady in a bikini.

Yes I am a guy ,though a gentleman,I can’t help noticing that bikini.

Turned out she was a fitness instructor in the Japanese army.(Define  faith)

Well that explains why she could devour long distance runs so easily..looking so fit..

MMM and cute..yes in that bikini.

Turns out there is a 28yr difference between us.

I thought that might be a barrier..Believe.Define

Time would prove not at all.

That wonderful day was a hot day at Manly Beach.Define that moment in time?

We even had a little tent for cover.I brought some food and so did Ichiko..that’s her name.

We ate swam ate more and just talked for the whole 12 hrs..Later on in the days to come we just went for coffee,a run sometimes.

Movies we went to.We just chilled out.Ichiko would come by the salon and say hello.

About 4 months later we are in a de facto relationship..Define this happening?

Perseverance pays off.Believe in good have faith and yr life can change within minutes.

You just don’t know when or when..Define..Believe

Just expect your vision to manifest anytime.’Perseverance’.

l know what l am talking about as it happened to me.

Define believe in perseverance

Define your faith and believe..Believe in yr faith and God will do the rest.Define faith?

Define perseverance.

People will quickly tell you why yr dreams can’t happen,why things can’t be done.

Perseverance is switching off other peoples negativity.. Ichiko my partner was told after those two wonderful days why she shouldn’t see me any more.

As l was to old and had ulterior motives.

All she was doing was buying into her friends limited believe systems of how their world is.

Define and believe…Believe in yourself.

Finally she couldn’t resist Gods work and by chance we continued our friendship that turned into a relationship..Define our age gap?…Just believe!

I was told by my mates why our relationship wouldn’t work.Yes listen to the right people..Define and believe

.Today they are in a pub lonely and still drinking.Oh yes!..they all own a dog.

Today l walk past them with my partner on our way to the gym.

Thats their life shaped by what they tell each other, keeping themselves stuck and unwell drinking heavily.

Perseverance is holding true and not listening to the majority.Define..Define..define and believe.

How many people(define yr self) are conscious of their daily lives.

Just living like auto humans without any self awareness.

l make no apology for what l have just said.

l pray and send good loving energy to those that are trapped or unaware of their habits and existence.

Takes perseverance and faith to change your world.

Define change.Believe.

Define time and space to change?

Define perseverance?

Changing habits takes time and repetition..

Yes possible! Define and Believe.

Try and try again till yr brain starts to reconnect and new habits form..

Like working a muscle in your body through perseverance and repetition..

Your brain is the same.

Exercise it with positive thoughts through perseverance.

Slowly in time new habits emerge.

New thought patterns create a whole new attraction of circumstance.

Before you know it you have a transformation of a new life.

As you are a new person..Define your self,,,Just believe.

Just believe.I do this with prayer and watch God’s work reshuffle my life for the better.(define for better)

I am grateful for my life changing habits that takes perseverance and faith.Define faith?

Telling myself now how lucky l am.

Define what you believe.Is it luck?.

There is no luck, more like perseverance and faith that creates your own luck.

In one afternoon my life turned from loneliness to heaven on this earth.

When my future partner walked in the door.

Just believe..Yes it took a while and there was self doubt.

Though we met.It happened in a blink of an eye.

From loneliness and despair to heaven on earth.

Define believe in perseverance

When you talk to many people who have seemingly good luck, you realize it is an accumulation of perseverance..(define luck)that just manifested itself finally.

Only appearing as good luck.Define?

If you can cultivate that feeling of good luck, expecting the results to appear you are likely to achieve yr goal(define your goal) or dreams.

Perseverance is just assuming it will happen..And it will.

Careful what you ask for as when you manifest it will come with all the trappings that you may not be aware of.

Read the fine print as the devil may be in the detail.

You may want fame that doesn’t mean it will be favorable publicity.

I see people struggle to achieve their life long goals with great per‐ severance only to end up unhappy and burdened.

This had happened to me in my past.

A balance of to much struggle and perseverance may be a sign that this may not be good for you,though you will eventually realize yr goal.

The trick is to try to define the balance of to much perseverance towards anything.

I met a man recently in his late 50s who talked about his 25 year marriage and their perseverance towards each other.

He didn’t realize how his world slowly narrowed down while married to his partner.

He told me how his friends slowly squeezed out of his life.He realized how his perseverance limited his view of the world.

His ability to define life was work..and a loveless marriage..His devotion and perseverance towards his wife was noble,though they were both living a slow death.

Till one day he realized for survival he had to make a break..(define perseverance)Though costly and painful they are both much happier today.

He says he didn’t know what he hadn’t experienced.

Today he has formed his own band which he wasn’t allowed to do while being married..Experiencing different attitudes and people around him.

This man’s world expanded and defined around him..

He admitted to being a victim of his own perseverance.

Something we are all liable to do.

Define believe in perseverance

l have experienced this in my life regarding my work and previous marriage.

We narrow our world and limit our experience because our perseverance turns to familiarity and we become safe in our lives.

Define what you believe.

Re asses your perseverance.

When do we persist and when do we let go?

To experience life as we never known it before.

l believe the answer lies with God within..The silent voice that talks to you..

They are signs that life offers with the clues hidden beneath our logic.

Logic that reasons to keep us safe.. and stuck.

Dare to follow your heart and pursue a noble cause.Define logic?

For me l ask and pray with intent..If that door opens l am likely to take it! With Christ that lives and talks to me in my heart I will always succeed l believe.

I suppose Christ confirms with my gut..Define your faith

Follow gut instinct they say..Define.

Thats my belief and my definition in perseverance.

Praying with intent.believe in having a vision that l define, pursue,may it be a new home..or love.Or anything worthwhile.

Guidance on how to handle my children that may be going thru difficult times.It doesn’t matter what it is.If l believe in a cause l will pursue with perseverance.

I have been accused of being single minded and obsessed about things.

l believe it is God talking to me.

I am not compulsive or crazy.

It is the ability believe and never to give up about anything that is worthwhile(.Define faith) I just spent time with my eldest son who is thirty.

He wanted to drive down to see me.

He has never done a thirteen hour straight drive.

My son has never done this and vulnerable to fatigue.

I can’t let this happen.So l decided to fly up early and drive back with him.

Now you would think a thirty year old would know better.

Doesn’t matter he is my son and that’s what l am prepared to do..It is like something inside says this it not negotiable.

So l take the first dawn flight up to Queensland and drive back to Sydney on the same day.

A father and son road trip..

Perseverance is the boring drive..The drive of love..

The drive of bonding,and arguing.

I have not seen my son for at least 12 months and here we are arguing over silly things.

l ask how can this be? Believe.Define love?

God give me perseverance..13 hrs drive..Given time we cool of and have a good time talking while driving,stopping for lunch, all going well till our next argument.

I have learnt to keep my cool ,find my perseverance and ask questions that lead the other person to think about what they say.

Today it is my son l am reasoning with..

Define believe in perseverance

When l believe in good and the ability to transfer love and good will at any moment to the person l choose. l find l have the control.

Even if the other party doesn’t realize what l am doing.

Perseverance is keeping control when you need to.

My imagination is my power..

Christ is in my imagination.

Everything l see around me comes from imagination.

The chair the clothes l wear the car l drive.Most important are my relationships..Define perseverance?

 They all originate from the imagination of some one.

So l can imagine my son talking calmly followed by a hug.

It does take a deep breath and perseverance and in time it always works.

We all have the power to transfer energy to heal and calm other people.

Yes it does take perseverance.Believe.

Sometimes we may have to stand up and fight for what we believe.

In most cases people around me just need love and compassion..that is more difficult as it takes self control and perseverance.

I have come to the point on my life to realize most things don’t really matter at all.

Life has a way of shuffling itself out any way.

No point getting myself worked up over as life balances itself out at the end.

What matters is the people you love and connect with.

The friendships you make along the way.

Being in the sitting in the sun with my partner, enjoying lunch with a beer watching the yachts go by on a blue day on glistening water.

Chilling out not having 6 beers and destroying the moment..just one beer.

Perseverance is not getting my self blind drunk..just staying in the moment.

Define believe in perseverance

We do long walks in the middle of the week, taking time out from work.

Being self employed l manage my time..choosing my destiny as Christ is in my imagination.(Define Perseverance)

One thing l tell my two sons is school teaches you to come to school at a set time.To conform! Lunch is a set time..

The teachers are there just like your boss will be when you are expected to get a job, who expects you to show up for work and become a wage slave for the rest of your life.

Perseverance that destroys your dreams l believe.

That is really another form of obedience between adults.

This is taught at school.

You must believe to be obedient most of your working life.

How boring and soul destroying..Conforming..Define independence?

How dull..Having to put up with yr manager who you hope is a reasonable person..

That is perseverance.I just wouldn’t do!

All the working life told what to do.Never realizing your full potential.

Having to be careful of political correctness.

To intimidated to ask yr work colleague out for a coffee because you could lose yr precious job.

Oh! God help us!Connecting with another  human being!

That is why tribes don’t have depression or mental health issues.It is because they are not lonely.

They socialize without fear of HR departments.Believe in connecting with people.Define yr life.

Previously that’s where relationships turn into marriages ..Not anymore.

Now you have to troll the dating sites alone at home.

That is extreme perseverance to me.

Being your boss is the best.You make yr own rules.Define independence?

It comes with the challenges.

Though well worth it. Believe me! I have been self employed for 40years and have no intention of retiring.

l met my partner at work.

l continually pay compliments to my female staff with good intent, and it is appreciated if done right.

If l want to go for a walk or have a lunch with my partner anytime time during the week or take a day off.

l will do so..It is called freedom.

Though l am grateful to be able to do so.Define and believe

I do understand school education and a job are important in this world.

Though strive to do your own thing..Define Independence?

Believe! It takes courage and perseverance to start up.Being your own boss and in charge of your destiny..

Takes great perseverance to stay self employed.

Though well worth it.

Anyway ..God I believe is my business partner and l turn to him for guidance on a daily or hourly basis.

That doesn’t take perseverance at all.

Go ahead try it!

God is your business partner if you allow Christ in your heart.

Your imagination will guide you..

Define believe in perseverance

Just believe and do it!

I like to help people to be the best version of themselves.

Recently came to my attention thru my partner there is a girl,a young lady with a muscle disease permanently stuck in a wheel chair.

Worst news the place she is in we suspect are treating her badly.

Now being a hairdresser l know lots of people from many different walks of life.I happen to know the right legal people that can help.

All l did was contact them.Being high quality people they have taken a personal interest.

With perseverance l know that a good outcome will manifest for this lady.

More on this in the future.

Sometimes l believe l can be a conduit for Gods work.

Just connecting the right people..I mean this humbly.Define and believe.

I have connected people many times from many walks of life.

God’s conduit..I believe.

Having awareness and helping people doesn’t make you or me any better.

Its just our journey to of self discovery.

We are all on a different path.

To the same place I believe.

Define believe in perseverance

One day you are at your best the other day in your darkest moment.

We all oscillate between dark and light.

Positive or negative.If you think you are better that means you must of compared yourself to others and thought about it to come to the conclusion that you are better.

This belief doesn’t get you anywhere.

l know people with little or no financial intelligence that can’t stop making money.

They party on this stage of life while reaping abundance on this planet and are happy totally unaware of their prosperity.

The other extreme are intelligent people that struggle to make ends meet.

They have an awareness that makes them over think,over analyze.

They compare them selves only to feel totally defeated and frustrated.

They believe the world is unfair to them.

Usually leading to depression or some mental health problem.

It is the state of mind that we are programed in our life time that determines our outcome.

To change our programed thoughts and stuff we believe takes great perseverance to change.

Some times to repeat the cycle of poverty to prosperity cycle a number of times till the life lesson is learn’t.

Define believe in perseverance

As we believe so shall we reap!

As in my case,so many times previously I have been in a poverty state then risen to abundance.

All to repeat this again.

Back to abundance.Define,believe.

I believe with perseverance I have learn’t my life lesson.

I guard my thoughts! Believe me!

This is no coincidence!

We are not taught this at school!

School teaches you half the stuff you will never use.

Though to teach how to use your mind.Your imagination to create a good life seems to be neglected.(Define perseverance

My awareness leads me to think how little l know in this world and l or we can’t control everything.

Only my/our thoughts we can control and what we are led to believe.

Perseverance  is in my thoughts. Believe in faith.

I create in my life through human imagination.define,believe.

I define my thoughts and feelings.

They are my tools in this life. The rest is in my faith.

l leave it to God to reshuffle my world for a better life.Believe.Define yourself.Faith.

Question what you have been led to believe?

As I believe this is healthy way to define what you and I believe.

Your/our life can reshuffle the way we want it to be.With perseverance..Being positive in thought and heart.

Define faith..Listening to that voice..Christ..Your gut instinct!

Having gratefulness in life and perseverance in thought is the key to transformation, l truly believe.

Define Heaven or Hell?

I believe it is here on earth?…You choose.

to be continued…