Define believe in luck

Define..Believe In luck.. My experience luck is one of those intangible experiences. Or is it? Why do some people just seem to struggle and others just breeze thru life..Define..Believe in luck..I have noticed some people and this includes my self seem to get breaks and make the most of it and then setbacks happen only to rise thru them sometimes against huge odds. Some repeat this cycle time and time again. Certainly  has been my experience. I truly believe your world is a reflection of the mental and emotional state you are in. A vibration we send out, like a frequency on a radio station. The different vibrations or frequencies we send out attracting like energy,creating your circumstance either positive or negative. Your world tunes in and presto here is yr reality. Define..Believe In luck..or is it a small miracle we call luck. Prayer or visualization is to me putting out an energy, a vibration to manifest yr desired world.

Define believe in luck

Life doesn’t care if you send out positive or negative energy.

It just responds to your belief.

Define..Believe In Luck.

Every time l am confronted with a challenge l visualize the end result l want to see.

I pray and visualize for the good outcome and leave the rest to God.

l call it faith..Luck seems to be hidden in this process.

We don’t need to work it out just keep or eye on the ball..The goal!..

Define.. Believe In Luck.

When there is a crisis in life l truly believe there is an opportunity hidden where we can capitalize on, to turn the situation around.

Define believe in luck

Define..Believe In luck..In 1984 When l was just 25yrs old.

I was working in a shopping mall going to the bathroom, some guy in a store yells out and hands me a piece of paper with a phone number on it.

It turns out there is this tiny hair salon booth in a large makeup store just sitting empty as no one seems to be able to run it.

I go over to see these tiny place with only two chairs.

I meet this gentleman who is the proprietor and we strike a deal on the spot.

From that day on l made more money out of that tiny box with 2 chairs than the whole make up complex.

l bought a new car and made enough cash to set up my own larger salon from scratch.

From there l met my wife who worked next door to my new salon.

We married within three months of meeting.

Define this as luck or a miracle..She inherited this old building in the Eastern suburbs with an ocean view.

It was dilapidated.

With help from her family and my business we renovated it into an amazing home.

Define this as luck?

By this stage I had a larger salon paid for in cash.

My son was born in that home..Dreams happen..

A beautiful wife. Ocean view home in Sydney.

A son whom I love very much..

All this in a few short years..Who would believe this as possible..Define it a miracle.

From a stranger who handed me a piece of paper on my way to the bathroom!!….

Define..Believe In Trust.

Define believe in luck

I did divorce after 12years and sold the house.Though I kept my business.

My own doing in hindsight.Being young and not realizing what I had..Define this as ego out of control.

Negative mind negative thoughts..bad outcome bad luck if you want to call it.

I repeated this again.I remarried and built up a business and portfolio of properties.

Had another son from my new marriage..Only to lose it again.Define..Believe In trust…

There are no coincidences here.

This time l ended up..homeless!

Five years ago l took time out to help a business women in trouble with her business..

l took a chance.

Put my self out and now l own this business with a minimal next to nothing outlay.

The year before l visualized my self in business.Define..Believe In Trust.

I had no money at all.Define this moment as blind faith.

All l answered was a tiny add in the paper that my girlfriend gave to me..

It took me a week to follow up on it.

Some will call it luck to me it is faith,a vision l pursued and bang here l am in business.

Putting yourself out there and taking a risk places you in a position where the winds of luck blow in your direction.

The trick is recognising the opportunity and ceasing the moment.

That pivotal moment where yr life can change.Moment that can define your future.

Define..Believe In luck.looking back l have been in luck meeting some amazing women..some would say out of my league..

Again taking a chance and just talking and introducing my self..

A lot of self talk and an ability to believe in myself..

Controlling my fear and just putting my self out.If I make a fool of my self, which I have sometimes it is ok.I am just human I say to my self.

Overcoming negative self esteem just defines yr inner strength..God is beside me at all times.

Define believe in luck

What is it that just tells you to do something?

In my time when l took up motor racing for a 6 year period.

I was out of my league.New to this sport.Fear and doubt were my constant companions.

Again in time I became proficient and  highly competitive..Fear can define you positively.That is if fear is used as a respect and motivation,eventually enjoying the thrill of a machine and yourself at  high speed..Christ is in the drivers seat anyway! Guiding me. …Define..Believe In Luck..

Along with prayer to achieve your goals..praying with intent and asking for guidance is my way of life..

Define..Believe In Trust..

One day just before l headed out on the track l had a hunch to bend down and look under my car.

What l saw l couldn’t believe my eyes..

There was a steel bolt driven into my rear tyre..

The head was half inch wide poking out looking at me..the rest just imbedded into the rubber..

The speeds we get to are well over 200klms down the main straight with a high speed corner at the end…

What are the chances the tyre blowing out?  Define,,Believe In Luck..

Imagine..l didn’t have any logical reason to bend down to check the car as it just passed scrutineering and no one picked it up.

Your higher self just leads you where you must be..Define..Believe In Luck..

Define believe in luck

On the other hand l had the misfortune to be in a marriage that was full of gossip..criticism was a daily occurance..

Tension was the the norm..During that period..

l lost my business…My home..Depression set in.

I ended up a homeless alcoholic.

All the bad luck you could imagine..Now is this this a coincidence..

The crowd I hung around were alcoholics and depressing..

No dreams no hope..

l ended up continually anxious,worry was the normal existence for me….

Till l changed my friends and gave up drinking.

I started going to the gym.Define..Believe In Luck..

Most of all l ditched the depressing friends and surrounded my self with positive people with integrity and dreams.

My life is different now..Opportunities open for me. Define..Believe In Luck..

l am no longer worried as much..Depression has gone..

Faith and a belief in Christ is present in our lives.

l look at my life with my beautiful partner who is 28yrs younger.Again out of my depth I am told..

No I define my self with Christ as my partner bringing Ichiko and I together..

I grateful for this relationship..

Love is how we define our lives.

We are happy..full of love in our hearts.

We are getting married next year.How lucky l am..grateful for God’s miracle

Define believe in luck

Being grateful is a powerful emotion thats sets you free from anxiety.

It places you in a position to attract the winds of luck..Define Luck?

I believe the are miracles,great or small.

My friends are in disbelief that l can bounce back. Define..Believe In Luck..

A business..A great apartment..A lovely loving relationship..

Travel holidays..Health and fitness..Christ moves in mysterious ways..Define trust?

I am not bragging..I am grateful as I was homeless in a bad state less than 10 years ago.

l am full of gratitude..and love.

Without God and my faith l could never bounce back like this.

l am grateful and humble.To pray is to open your heart.

Welcoming Christ into our life.

So does my partner.Define your belief in Christ as well?

(Ichiko didn’t know what prayer was before) Now she prays and allows Christ to define her life.

Let’s examine what is going on.

Define believe in luck

Being grateful opens yr heart to accept God..

When this happens..miracles come..some large some so small..

Well that’s what Luck is.A miracle! Define..Believe In Luck..

As opposed to the dark side hanging around negative people..gossiping which is preaching hate..

Only hurting yr self..putting out the negative vibe..Attracting negative reality.

Wondering why bad luck always comes by….

I do understand things happen in life we don’t see coming..

We are tested wondering why is this happening to me?

That is the opportunity to be faithful..

Knowing somehow just by keeping focus on the positive outcome.

Not try to predict the process..The right actions will come and Luck will be on yr side..I call it miracles.

It never fails.I once parked my new sports car in front of a bar.Some guy yells out nice car lucky man.

My response was Yeah!

Define..Believe In Luck..

Harder l work the luckier l am!..I gave this some thought.

What l should of said was.

The more l work on my faith and believe more luck l have!

The work that l do appears hard, is easy for me.

l love my work,my profession..

Define believe in luck

l have never worked a day in my life as I love what I do.

The car just happens to be the result..

Call it luck or a miracle..Cause it was a brand new Porsche..

l went down the dark side as l mentioned before.. lost it! Yeah bad luck, if you want to call it that.

To me it was a result of negative thought and a negative state of being.

Gone! WIth the rest as l mentioned before..Define..Believe In Luck..

In luck..There is a pattern there.

Today l am on guard to select my friends..Control my thoughts for the good..

A mental diet of positive thought..

An emotional diet of love..forgiveness for others and most of all for myself.

My gut my intuition is lead by my faith in Christ to lead me to become the best version of my self.

Practice the art of your awareness.

Yr inner voice.

Are you saying positive things or are you talking and expecting the negative?

Here lyes the secret of Good Luck..or Bad Luck..It is inner conversation with yourself, or the prayer that will shape your real world you live in.

Nothing ever happens by chance..therefore guard against negative thought or feelings as you impress upon the universe to bring forth what you subconsciously believe..

I truly believe this as l have lived a pattern that is directly measured by the state l was in that season of my life.

Define..Believe In Luck..I mean miracles!

Define believe in luck

You truly must choose yr thoughts and emotions.

Positive thought and emotions.

Good vibes..Good Luck equals a good life.

Simple as that!

Awarness of yr thoughts and awarness of your emotions..being in touch of your desire.

There are many homeless people with degrees and high IQ’S..

Highly intelligent people..

Though they live filthy and in despair..WHY?

All hope lost no desire or emotional awarness to pull themselves out of their hell hole..

To define where hell lyes. Homeless.Cold lonely hungry in despair. l have been there!

Lack of awareness and desire to move out of that depressive state.

Prayer is the most powerful way to change your being.Bringing abundance, love and well being in time.

As you allow Christ to enter within you changing yr state of existence..

The rest will follow towards a better life. Define..Believe In Luck.

Define believe in luck,,,miracles

Luck is how it is measured by the transformation of God in yr real life..

It is really a miracle.

No matter how big or small.

I am experiencing challenges today.

I find a quiet moment and turn my thoughts within.

l have my inner conversations with God..I pray,allowing Christ to enter within.

ln my stillness and quietness l listen and observe for guidance..

Sometimes the answer comes to me in my inner awarness or l follow up on a hunch in the following days.

Open for the winds of Luck to come my way.If you want to call it luck.

It always works.In time my faith moves me to define my relationship with Christ.

My best work is done when l am still as l talk to my senior partner my Christ within..

Really they are miracles..great or small.

Never by random chance.. Define..Believe In Luck.

Define believe in luck

l have been in impossible situations with people.l never gave up on my inner belief to resolve the challenge..

Even in disagreements and a harsh word said.

l have gone back to that moment in time while in my meditations or prayers and replayed that harsh conversation or that scene l wish were different..

l replayed it in my mind to the way l would off liked it to be.

To imagine a positive outcome for all. Define..Believe In Luck..

Most times given time or instantly the situation resolves itself for the better.

The way l would like it to come..For the good of all concerned.

One example is a bitter divorce with my first wife.

It was people were involved.

This went to court as l fought this to the end.

l ended up with a much better financial settlement than l ever imagined.

My wife at the moment in her anger and frustration literaly punched me in front of the judge.

I could of had her arrested for assault.Instead l left with a lot of money and a black eye.Define..Believe In Luck..

Yeah lucky that day..Be wary of angry crazy blondes!

Define believe in luck

My son was taken out of state and this broke my heart.

l flew him down regularly,but there was a resentment there for a while.

One day l realized l can’t continue with this anger in my heart.

I visualized forgiveness.I had to forgive and try to reconcile.

l replayed scenes in my mind l wished l could change.

A few years later we resumed verbal contact with my ex wife.In my mind l saw a beautiful loving women.

l could see and feel forgiveness.In prayer.

l could see my son back with me one day.

For five years l flew him down regularly..with regular phone calls in between.

My ex wife and l talked on caring terms.l had to forgive.I could see a good women doing her best to raise my son.

l had to be positive..

l prayed for strength of forgiveness and gratitude that l had the financial means to see and support my son… Define..Believe In Luck..

Then one life changing day l received a call from his mum saying she had to go overseas and if l could take my son.

Define..Believe In Luck..Miracles to me..

Define believe in luck

My dream replayed came to reality.

I jumped for the opportunity,ceasing the moment!

In one month l had the means to buy a big home in a rural part of Sydney.

I had organize schools in the last minute.

I managed to place my son in a good private school without a formal application.

I had an interview with the head of the education department for private schools in that area..

I just knew in my heart with faith we would place my son.Against odds I secured that interview.

This fellow was a serious man.With a piercing look he asked why he should give special favors to a boy he doesn’t know without an application that is overdue anyway as they have no placement for him?

My answer was simply  “A fathers love for his son”.

This serious man stared me down and with a wink of an eye just accepted my son’s enrollment in this prestigious school where he remained till his last year.

Now what are the odds if i predicted this in advance? Define..Believe In Luck.or miracles.

I was remarried then and l had my son back as l always believed.

Define..Believe in Luck…or miracles..either way my son is with me at the age of ten..

For the next ten years.

Define believe in luck

To add to this when my ex wife returned one day from overseas.

The angry blonde who can punch!

I was holidaying with my eldest son in her state in QLD.

l received an invitation to come to her home for dinner.

Many years have past..This women can pack a punch! Should I live dangerously and go?

Well time heals I hope,,My son came along..MMM maybe for protection..She really knows how to punch

Define..Believe In Luck..

When l entered her house and timidly peeped around the door with my son as my body guard.

l could see a table set for dinner with the loveliest touch of candles.

(Yes l was remarried and it was ok my being there by my current wife.)

There was a lovely shapely figure..a beautiful blonde, somewhat older, though stunning.

It was my ex wife who gave me the black eye.Years ago..Danger!Danger!

Our son later commented that it was a rather surreal moment.

l was greeted with a kiss and a warm hug.Oh a relief, no punch..ha ha!

Then to my amazement an apology for punching me in the courtroom all those years ago..

A reconciliation dinner this is..

Love and time conquers all. Define..Believe In Luck..

Define believe in luck

MMM..maybe I deserved it for being a smarty on that day in court.

Today we talk lovingly and kindly.The best of friends.

She will always be someone whom l have a love for.

The mother of my son!  And a great friend.

Define..Believe in Luck..or miracles..forgiveness love and gratitude..brings luck in yr life..

Doesn’t matter how bad things are you can reverse it in yr mind and in time a good outcome always prevails.Define..Believe In Luck. .

We are currently the sum total of our life experience.To define the meaning of our life.Define who we are.

To define our life is to look back and  forgive.Then move forward with faith to define our future.

Such is luck and for whoever crosses my path will benefit from my experience.My love for Ichiko defines me now..My love for my sons Andre and Alexander defines me.

Always sending out..Faith..Hope and Love…Good Luck…

Use the power of prayer..

to be continued