Define believe and trust

Define Believe and Trust…Your reality of today is a result of yesterdays thoughts..Today’s thoughts are your future experience.”Define Believe and Trust” When you realize this.. of the curvature of time and delay Your thought come around back to you in future time.You will choose you’re.. thoughts carefully and wake from your sleepwalk in this life. You will have a new awareness. “Define Believe and Trust”An awakening of yourself. How you can change your future for good..The term “As You sow.So Shall You Reap” Is real..Your life today can end. Tomorrow beginning of a new future can become your next life.. A new beginning..”Define Believe and Trust”It is called freedom of choice.l would rather live in prosperity than poverty..A choice!A simple choice! It’s as simple as that.GOD is in your imagination.

Define Believe and Trust

My life as l imagined it to be is slowly coming to my desire of the man l want to be.

The best version of my self..”Define Believe and Trust”My spiritual relationship with God within..

An overcoming with the feeling of love.

My spirit within..l know the trials and tribulations are self made..l need to learn my lessons.

Forgiveness plays a big part in my life with many people.”Define Believe and Trust”To forgive and to be forgiven,as none of us are perfect.

l truly believe you cannot forgive unless you forget.

Plant a new seed,Then you can only move forward..”Define Believe and Trust” l made a decision not to drown my sorrows in alcohol.

Instead l chose fitness and health. My gym sessions are going strong.

My weight has plummeted 20kg.I am running about 10 kilometers a couple times a week.

Attending Church given me the strength to move forward.”Define Believe and Trust”l hardly think of my past relationship as l keep my self busy.

Sometimes l do get lonely though.I refuse to chase relationships on some online dating site.l value my self to much to place my self on some dating catalogue where one can flick left or or not like..

lf people want to place themselves on a market it is up to them!

“Define Believe and Trust” From this point on it is just a relationship with my self..I have two sons that l have a relationship with.

Define Believe and Trust

A spiritual journey is what l am taking.

3 Months pass and l am in a training routine.l have stayed away from alcohol completely..”Define Believe and Trust” I have noticed my body changing slowly..Little tone here and there..

My mental state is the best it has been for decades..With the right support from my counselor, my personal trainer and the Church.

l never thought l could achieve this in less than 12 months..”Define Believe and Trust”

One March Sat afternoon l was feeling lonely and a little  depressed in my hair salon..

It was a hot day so decided to go for a run over the Harbor Bridge with a stop over for a swim at Nth Sydney Pool.

A magnificent place to go as it is right on Sydney Harbor.”Define Believe and Trust”The views are amazing looking out to the city and OperaHouse..

About 2pm l change into my shorts swimmers under my shorts.Water bottle.etc.ready to go..As of course this always happens.

Define Believe and Trust

A young lady walks in wanting a hair appointment.

l can’t say no..I stay in my running shorts and apologise for not changing back..”Define Believe and Trust”.

During the appointment out of the blue l ask this lady whom l have only known for 30mins if she would like to join me for run?..I trust my instinct.

This lady from Japan jumps for the opportunity for a run.l instruct her to put swimmers on as l plan for a dip in the pool to get our core temp down as it is a hot day.

This lady runs home to get her gear and is back very shortly.

“Define Believe” Now l never have asked anyone in my salon to do this in my entire life.Little did l know this lady trained in the Japanese military and was responsible for taking other recruits for training runs.

Little did l know this lady would become my fiancee in two years time..Your life can change in less than 30min just like that.

“Define Believe and Trust” That day we ran over the Harbor Bridge after our swim down to the Opera House..We had a cool mineral water for a drink and ran through the Botanic Gardens to the Boy Charlton Pool by the harbor for another swim as it was over 30 in heat.

We spent the rest of the day there till close.”Define Believe and Trust” The next day we met early and went to Manly beach for a swim and a short run..Another great day.Trust.

Define Believe and Trust

When l look back there is no logic to this. A lady 28 years younger walks in a salon for a haircut..30min later she goes for a run and spends that afternoon with me and most of the next day together..

There was no real attraction just companionship at this point in time.”Define Believe and Trust”..God moves in mysterious ways..I trust!

The next couple months we met for coffee and movies as friends.

My fitness regime was solid with continual gym training and jogging..My diet was strict to my training regime..And no alcohol.

Truly a miracle!”Define Believe and Trust”..

When you strive to be the best person you can be.

The world changes around you.Attraction becomes a mirror image. No more alcoholics..No more demons visiting during prolonged hangovers..

“Define Believe and Trust”..My spiritual journey my physical journey and now my emotional state are one..Strong stable and l believe.

Believe if.l let God into my heart all the pieces in life just fall into to place..

“Define Believe and Trust”..Your imagination is where you start..

Define Believe and Trust

Dare to imagine a good life. Health…Love and Prosperity…Hold your faith regardless of your daily circumstances and magic happens..Better still, let’s call them miracles”Define Believe and Trust”…This lady…Is my fiancee to be.

Her name is Ichiko. By June 2016 lchiko has been coming around for a swim in my pool at my apartment and staying for dinner.

I drove her home afterwards..Over time our trust and friendship just developed into something stronger…Ichiko had issues where she was staying.

“Define Believe and Trust”.One night l just decided to get her out of there where she was staying.l came by put her belongings into my car and drove her home.

To my place..Not planning anything, just to have her safe and with me..”Define Believe and Trust” Another 30min that day changed our lives forever. l truly believe..As a result.A relationship.Trust in life and it’s puzzle.Let it unfold..!

Define Believe and Trust

A loving trust months ago.Now in the curvature of time love and this relationship has come to me.l often say to this day God brought Ichiko to me.

To this our relationship..To her new home.It took only a couple weeks for our love to grow and a true relationship to blossom.

A conversation with God one night while lchiko was sound asleep went like this..”O lord why is this women in my bed? How did this happen?

I didn’t have to try all that hard! Just be my self! Thank you for this moment.Give us guidance,love and wisdom.Thankyou lord.

“Let love grow organically”Define Believe and Trust” don’t force or chase it! Never in a million years l would meet a woman like lchiko on dating site!! “Define Believe and Trust” My trust in the future is strong.

Trust in my imagination..That is where my faith lives..In God within!..My church at this point didn’t know about lchiko and our relationship..Ichiko knew l went to church and accepted it.

Coming from Japan she really hadn’t heard about Christianity and Jesus. l don’t push my faith onto anyone. So l just left Ichiko alone on this. It doesn’t matter.It is what is in your heart that matters.Love is boundless…Trust.

A couple weeks pass and Ichiko shows an interest in the church l attend..”Define Believe and Trust” I had a meeting with the senior pastor to introduce my partner whom is 28 years younger than myself.

Just to clear the air..Reason is some people make judgement regarding the age difference as it has been my experience..

Great acceptance from the top in my church..As expected..l am okay with most people making judgement.It is only a hand few of valued people l care what they think..and that is all good..It is what matters.

Define Believe and Trust

The rest of the public..Well,it is none of my business what people think of us!..Ichiko and l have blossomed..Never in my life l have met any woman remotely like her.

l feel blessed..”Define Believe and Trust” Good things happen if you trust.Just believe in the curvature of time.Hold faith it comes back to you..I think some call it “Karma”..l call it “Faith”.

My business is doing ok..My fitness is getting to the point of my body changing..l am still not drinking as the alarm bells go off in my head every time l come close to a bar.

Also lchiko doesn’t drink..all the better.My life is living a dream..l come home to a loving partner..l go to work on my own terms.Success to me is to have the freedom to choose my daily life.Trust as well.

l am not bitter..l am grateful for my reality.. l observe the inner conversations and look out to the world of my reality and see how they correspond..

“Define Believe and Trust”Am living the life l truly desire?Am l the man l want to be? Not yet!..And the best is yet to come.

Months pass and we are adjusting to each other..It wasn’t as difficult as l have been led to believe.The age difference isn’t an issue..If I listened to people I wouldn’t be in this relationship..Ichiko has experienced the same from some of her friends.Beware of the prophets of doom! Choose your mentors well.”Believe and Trust”Follow your heart.!

My health is back to normal as l am not drinking. My energy level is good.

Going to the gym has helped slowly change my body.. l changed to another gym closer to home that is ironically across the local hotel l used to drink every day..

Define Believe and Trust

My routine is stable as l eat well at home..

Ichiko and l go on long hikes..Some great drives.

We enjoy dinners out and movies.”The odd theatre as well..Life is good.

“Define Believe and Trust”

My sons accept her..And are just part of our little family unit now when they visit…Life seems stable Living in this de facto relationship.

Running a business. Going to the gym..In reality a miracle considering at 50 l was a broke, homeless  alcoholic! Dark days pass in time..Believe and Trust.

To be honest around June 2017 l slowly started to reintroduce alcohol..With trepidation!

l don’t want to run away from it by having to go Alcoholics Anonymous..Though l acknowledge the good they do for so many alcoholics and the importance it plays in our society.It is just not for me.

True power to me is looking at it head on !Have one beer or a glass of wine and go home..l may do this twice a week or socially when we go out for dinner..

Alarm bells go off in my head every time l enjoy a glass of wine..or a beer..I have a personal issue with alcohol and people that drink a lot.That is probably a good thing.Keeps me aware of the damage alcohol can cause.

I have noticed how many people drink and what a social issue it is..Alcohol has become the norm as a social pass time.l don’t have an answer to this..”Define Believe and Trust”

l do know it nearly destroyed me and l watch others head down that same path. My old drinking mates have been in and out of hospital because of alcohol..

Yet they still persist.Talking to a lot to my female clients who engage in a glass of wine every night..

So they say?..I ask.Who are you when no one is watching?”Define Believe and Trust” When you say it is one drink..Is it?

How do you change your world? Do you care to change?

How strong is your desire? Desire For that better life..”Define Believe and Trust”

Would you relive your life if you had the chance?Change your path way..The road you are on?

Define Believe and Trust

People turn to Alcohol and other substances.

They suffer fear and anxiety that turns to depression.

I beieve all they need to do is turn to prayer and religion.

We cannot solve our problems on our own..How easy to turn our worries and challenges to God within..In time most things come to pass.

“Define Believe and Trust”

Many times l trust my instinct and somehow life does a turn for the good.

I Imagined my life with trust.

Turned within to find the Holy Spirit guiding me..Trusting in a good outcome.

Finding .Faith..Hope..and Love..”Trust and Believe”.

It is never to late to discover the person you could of been..! The best is yet to come..!

to be continued……….