Creative imagination development

Creative Imagination Development..In my observation lots of people are lonely and stuck because they are afraid to make the first move. They go to sleep in a state of the person they do not want to be. Therefore they are their own prisoners. Believe in yr human development of imagination. Christ is in you.You are imagination. Go to sleep with the feeling,the development of the one you desire to be.Or the one you desire  be with..With faith your life will transform to your desire..(creative development)You will never be alone..Find the courage to make that first move and transform your state of being. The creative state of your being will change as we reach out.May it be toward another.To belong,or towards our desire to change our life. Development of our lives rests in our imagination..Believing in ourselves and making that first step..Imagination can hold you back with doubt..Or propel you forward with faith..The creative mind grows in its development when it is challenged.

Creative imagination development

My business is going thru another change as a property development across the road is about to finish.

A lot of business have closed around.

Some how I have managed to survive.

l am about to find my self now a business owner in the epicenter of a shopping center.

Now a high traffic flow will come.

A creative development of my persistence and imagination

A result of faith,tenacity..

A refusal to give in..Many a times I prayed for a path..

A strategy to guide the business through these difficult times.

My imagination in my quiet moments has given me ideas and strategies.

A development of ideas from promotions to marketing myself.

I truly believe that having Christ as my business partner has guided me.

To survive l had to think of a business strategy that would get the business thru the lean and tough times while all this construction was going around me..

l had to make the first move and extend my self to other operators to come into my business and rent space to offset my costs.A business development strategy.

That move created a momentum where other operators came in to rent space to the point where most of my overheads are paid for.

Creative imagination development

The business would not survive if l had not made that first move.. the creative development of my business.

l had to come up with a strategy..God is in my imagination..

My Christ is my business partner as well..

I know that I am repeating this..

I need to stress the importance of imagination and Christ.

Trusting my imagination that is really observing my thoughts as they come to me.

Try stopping yr thoughts..human imagination is at work every single moment of or day.

Like it or not! We create our reality every second of the day.

So this is the case when I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I start to pray as it is my direct hotline to God.

Some call it visualization or meditation..Imagination.

Creative imagination development

I just pray..Uncannily the answers come and situations arise that get me and business through difficult times..Some call it luck.I call it a miracle..

l get inspiration in my quiet prayer time..

The most creative moments are in my rest time.

A time of development, where my imagination is open..yes open to God..

Speaking inside me l have come up with strategies to make my life and my business successful..

The answer is always there..

Abundance and Love are ample in my life..I dare to walk the talk..

Believe in my self without the ego..

Firm in my step forward..with faith.

However humble in my being.

Even in tough times when doubt sets in.

It only takes a short time to bounce we are all human and go thru highs and lows.

I accept my flaws as a human being and l have many..

l hope l can manage through awareness and prayer.

I have learned to accept my flaws as a human being..I always pray for wisdom and guidance.

A development to be a better man than the day before.

Not to judge as I have probably been there before.

Creative imagination development

Most of all of I have learnt  to let go trust and enjoy the ride as life is a big journey.

Enjoy and be in the moment.

Development of good is unfolding by the day.

Being creative in my life, from my creative work as a my relationships.

My development with the people in my life.

That enriches my journey.

Imagination,Prayer a Development of a constant creative process.

This seems to work in my strive towards personal development.

l know it is Christ who is my partner in this journey who guides me.

The measure are your emotions and thoughts..

Follow your positive loving imagination.Reject the rest..The mind controls  thought..

Yr heart controls yr emotions..A pump of electricity beating thousands of times a minute..generating energy and they way we feel..the energy we emit..Love..Health..Prosperity..etc

It is our divine right..So why do some struggle with this..

We can change our state for the improve our experience on this earth.

Walk down 5th Avenue and walk down a suburb that is experiencing poverty..

I ask why is this?

Different states of being by human beings that breath the same oxygen.

Two very different worlds.One abundant..

The other lack and poverty..

Development of the mind.

Why is this the case?

It starts  with the human imagination.

A positive or negative development.Imagination…Attitudes!

I know where I would rather walk in..!

Creative imagination development

Love,an example that comes from the heart.A most powerful creative force that heals.

Creative the heart is.We feel a range of emotions..New states in our being created by our heart.

Have you ever met a person with a generous giving spirit?

You just want to be around them all the time.

They radiate a positive energy.

Optimistic even in the dark times..

Always a light shining.

They are what they are.

A bright creative light..Just oozzing love and a development of goodwill.

Imagination at work, creative good all the time..

Spread the Love I say.!..

Hang around those people..

Creative imagination development

Creative imagination..A development of new states start with our it wireless technology that sends messages to our brain..and the the world around us.

Attracting good or negativity..

Like a tuner on a radio..emitting a different frequency.

My consciousness comes from my current state..of prayer,imagination.

l look out at my world and l realize it is a manifestation of my past feelings and thoughts..

l realize being the soul creator I have made this situation..

All being a creative development.Imagination.

Sometimes I don’t like what see.

Taking responsibility I ask my self how and why I created this unwanted situation.

I go back and revise this in my imagination and in time with prayer.

Gods help changes this for the better.

Making mistakes is OK as I know I can re create and correct my life..

Always with Christ within..

l can accept or deny my current reality..In my imagination.

Change my state of being and alter the direction my life is heading to a reality of my conscious choice.

Christ is in my imagination..My creative development.

This may happen instantly or slowly depending on my level of faith..

Creative imagination development

Yes faith moves mountains as they say.

It is our current situation that challenges our faith..

The Placebo effect comes from the mind believing in a physiological result without any resistance.

A creative development from the imagination.We are what we believe…simple as that!..

Christ is in us, if we allow the creator into our hearts..I need to re visit  this constantly.

Love ..Have you noticed great science..medicine etc.

Have been created by someone with passion..

Love expressing itself..In a creative development through a life of work for some people.

Thinking of Christ just dawned on me the power of the name Jesus.

Walk into a room full of strangers and talk about Jesus.

Two things will happen.

You will either clear the room or you will have an audience of faithful followers..such is the power of his name.

Never bow to unwanted reality.Trust the father within.

No matter how negative.

Just take responsibility..then you have the power to change it..starting in your imagination..and prayer.

Creative imagination development

Creative development starts with what you believe.

If we succumb to our unwanted current situation then what is left?

When there is a crisis l truly believe it is an opportunity to be creative.

Move those mountains with faith..

Many times God gave me a mountain to climb..

Sometimes the insurmountable is moved directly out of the way..

At 62 l am getting married..relaunching my business…and big news, a positive development..

l will be a father again.

Yes a father..All planned..

My fiancee is well..My child on way is doing fine.

Most men are winding down..

For me l am winding back up again..

Creative imagination development

A creative development of my imagination..all possible with a positive attitude.

I have 2 sons one a teenager. l  am currently involved in their lives.

I am gonna be a busy boy being a dad again.Running a business.My family, and fitting in the gym regularly.

This is the only way for me..

God willing.This is a healthy development!

My health and mental health are good..

l manage my diet..keep alcohol down to the absolute minimum..

Being homeless and an alcoholic when 50 seems a long time ago..

Another time another state of being that l no longer am part of..

By taking responsibility and not bowing to that reality at that time..

With Christ within l moved out of that depressive state, into my current state of development..

Constant prayer and the positive imagination..makes miracles

With Love..there are lots of things to look forward to..

Never bow to your unwanted reality..Never Ever!.

The fight is in your desire..Your imagination

Vision and your faith are your tool..

Creative imagination development

God is your partner along the way.

l never thought l was able to father a child as my last son was IVF.

The doctors told me my sperm count was low and natural conception was not possible.

Well here l am naturally fathering a child 15years later..

It only took a month to conceive once my partner and chose to try.

l must say somehow I was relieved.

Though I expected this outcome..

Creative Development in a new life.

A of development of love.

The experts are not always right..

l just don’t take no as the final answer..

My current state of being and reality has changed in that 15yr period..many times..

Now to this and any stage in life..

You can re invent yr self anytime..Even at 62

A creative development of the imagination..

Just focus on changing yr state of being.

I was also told having a younger partner by 28yrs couldn’t work.

After 3years together it is bliss.

People will always make judgement by their own limited state of being.

An older man with a younger woman..

Love is limitless..Development of emotion…

Creative love  Creative Energy=Motion

Yes..Love is limitless..

A creative force that opens the world to limitless possibilities.

Human development never stops regardless of age.

Imagination, creative development is in us all.Just believe and open the heart

Well who cares! We are really happy and love each other.

Can’t wait to hold my new child.

Creative imagination development

A creative development of love.

The looks will come hard and fast.

Somehow if you stand out when you change pre conditioned ideas..

Generally speaking I am told why it is not possible..

Can’t start a new business..or a younger partner or a new child..Never bow to negative belief systems..

Fight back in the mind and heart.

Creative imagination and prayer are the tools..

Be positive in your development of your life.

Yes the prophets of doom are all about us..

Especially in the media..Oh! Social media especially.

Yes the experts are quick to judge.

l take it as a compliment when judged or I raise eyebrows.

Just drives me more.Towards my vision

A new state of being..a new life for me and my family.

l observe people from all walks of life.

l see happy. l see sad and stressed..anxiety and loneliness for some..

All their creative development.

Doesn’t have to be this way.

Positive vibrant people..that pray visualize,using their Godly imagination seem to be in a different state.

A vibrant element of their own.

Open to new creative ideas and flexible with the times.

Creative imagination development

They seem to take life’s challenges easier.

Creative imagination is they key

Faith seems to be the answer.

To a new development.

Having the ability to see a good future in life is a big help..

Faith Hope and Love.

These creative words to me is the key to human development.

When you have given your all.

Just leave it to God and let him sort it out.

Ask how it would be to be wealthy..healthy..Loved?

To be Loved is all the good life has to offer..

Make that first move and ask within..

Just ask how it would be?

Creative development of the imagination and spirit will take over.

Miracles do happen..

Asking how it would be?

Opens all the creative possibility.

The mind starts to move towards it dominant thought..

Subconscious is a powerful force that leads you to the how would it be?

You meet your love of your life..

Find health and prosperity.

The right situation.. or the right person appears in yr life to fulfill that dream..

It is all about imagination and allowing the creative development to take its natural course…

Life moves in strange ways when we allow the possibilities in our creative imagination.

Creative imagination development

If you look at past great minds in history ,they all asked the question of.How would it be? If l were this?

Or had this? Or tried this?

Open your mind, use imagination to fulfill your desire.

Some how development of yr dreams will fulfill if you or I persist in the creative imagination.

As an experiment put out a small intention.Something that is conceivable.With prayer,use the creative imagination to see and feel..Visualize yourself in and from your desire,smell and touch it.

From this situation..See how long a manifestation of that intention takes place.

Development in life is natural.We can’t stop it.Father moves within us.

Done routinely with a clear intention and gratitude, results come and people are amazed at the power of their creative imagination.

Creative development is as natural as a blade of grass pushing its way through concrete..